Most-Used Items From Our Wedding Registry + 5 Things I WISH I’d Registered For

Registering for your wedding is equal parts sheer excitement and complete overwhelm. It’s a strange place to be when they are like, “here, ask for ANYTHING YOU WANT!”

Michael and I stuck to the basics of housewares for the most part. We’d been living together for 10 years by the time we said “I do,” so we had a lot of the standard home basics. But, many of our items could be also upgraded to “grown-up” quality. Now that it has been about a year since our wedding, I thought I’d look back at the items we received and round-up the best best best things we got that I use all the time.  Then, share with you some items I WISH I had gotten.

Most-Used Items From Our Wedding Registry + 5 Things I WISH I'd Registered For

High-Quality Salt and Pepper Grinder

Let’s just get this straight: all salt and pepper grinders are NOT created equal. I actually ended up with two pairs of salt and pepper grinders after our wedding because I had registered for a cheaper table pair and then was gifted a much nicer, high-quality pair as well. Let me tell you, the high-quality ones make a difference. They grind more consistently and the pepper one has a setting to go from fine to coarse. They never get clogged or grind inconsistently. I use these grinders Total must-haves.

However, I’ll also mention that’s it’s kind of nice having two pairs because my smaller pair that I don’t use as much work great to keep on the table or to put out when guests are over.

Most-Used Items From Our Wedding Registry + 5 Things I WISH I'd Registered For

Quality Knife Set

We had some sporadic knives that were decent enough for the decade before getting married. But, I knew a quality knife set was something I definitely wanted, and I knew I wanted a knife block to keep them all stored in. I hated having to rifle through a drawer for my knives. I keep this knife block right on my countertop next to my cutting board and it gets used every day, multiple times a day. Definitely a must-have item. I will note out knife set is just 6 knives, so it’s a great amount. I think the knife sets of 10 knives or more can start to be overkill and you’d never really need that many.

Cast Iron Skillet

I knew I wanted to add a cast iron skillet to my kitchen. They are durable, non-stick, and (most importantly) the best pans at distributing high heat. You can get a nice even heat on these making cooking so many things a breeze. Plus, they can really handle high heat. These bad boys get nice and hot on a burner and then can handle the heat of an oven, too, making them so versatile. My favorite things to use my cast iron for is searing beef tips (not that I eat them, but Michael does) as well as doing seared tuna. It also makes hella-good cornbread.

Most-Used Items From Our Wedding Registry + 5 Things I WISH I'd Registered For

Most-Used Items From Our Wedding Registry + 5 Things I WISH I'd Registered For

Dinnerware Set

Our plates were the biggest mismatch of hand-me-downs you’d ever seen. I think we probably had at least 4 different patterns and styles that didn’t match. I knew I didn’t want “fine china” because…well, I’m just not a “fine china” kinda gal. But, I did finally want to have a proper dinnerware set. I went to Crate and Barrel cause I knew I’d get quality and style and fell fell fell in love with my set, which is the Marin White set. They are super simple and versatile but the uneven edges give them a little character. I knew I could make these work for nice Thanksgiving or just simple backyard BBQs. We got dinner plates, salad plates, pasta bowls, and few matching serving platters/bowls. I love them. Not only does it feel quite proper to finally have a matching set, but I also use them all the time.

Basic Cookware Set

Again, like the dinnerware set, I had a mismatch of pots and pans that were all mediocre quality or I hadn’t taken proper care of them (because Michael and I moved in together when we were 18, what did I know about pots? Answer: nothing.) Finally having a proper cookware set with matching lids makes the cooking game a lot easier. And, while you don’t need every pot there ever was, it’s really nice to have a good variety so you have a stock pan, a skillet, a pot for boiling, non-stick, etc. I think our set came with maybe 6 pots altogether and it’s the perfect collection.

Nested mixing bowls with lids

We got a set of 3 sturdy, stainless steel bowls with lids and I know they will last for YEARS. I use them for everything from baking to storing items that are marinating to making salads. They are super convenient, high quality, and don’t take up a lot of space in our kitchen. A set of 3 or 4 is perfect, not too much, not too little.

Handheld Mixer

My Maid of Honor got this for me and I use it ALL THE TIME. I don’t like having too many kitchen tools mainly for lack of space and the hate of having extra clutter. I knew I definitely didn’t have space for a KitchenAid but a hand mixer gets a lot of the work done while taking up a fraction of the space! Honestly, I’d been making whipped cream with a whisk and elbow grease for years, a handheld mixer just changed the game. I use this all the time for cookies, mashed potatoes, cakes, and more.

Our Most-Used Wedding Registry Items


What I Wish I’d Registered For

Carry-on Suitcase

A regular suitcase is great and I do use mine for bigger travel trips, but I find that my carry-on suitcase gets the MOST use. Whether you’re flying somewhere for a long weekend, headed somewhere for a wedding, or just taking a mini 4-day vacation, the carry-on is always the perfect size. Not to mention if I am flying somewhere for a longer trip and bringing my bigger suitcase, I usually bring a carry-on as well to store electronics and a change of clothes just in case. We didn’t register for a smaller, carry-on and so we’re still using the old, broken one from years ago. It would have a been a great addition.

Instant-read thermometer

Wow, meat thermometer just makes meat-cooking so much simpler and carefree. No more worrying if it’s cooked inside or if you’re overcooking it. I have a little $5 one, but I wish I had registered for a proper electronic one that was easier to use and more accurate. That way I could also use it for measuring the temperature of other things like sauces and water for bread-making.

Pizza Stone

So a pizza stone really is only useful if you like to make a lot of at home pizza or bread, but we do. I make homemade bread almost every Sunday and we make homemade pizza a lot too. A pizza stone would have been a great addition to our kitchen because of its ability to get nice and hot and create a crisp crust. Maybe we’ll have to ask for this for Christmas one year. (HINT HINT HINT!)

Glass Food Storage Containers

I hate using plastic Tupperware, I don’t really trust them and not to mention that even the more expensive ones aren’t that high quality and don’t hold up that well. I wish I had thought to register for a small set of glass food storage containers like these ones from Macy’s.

Condiment Cups

You know those little mini bowls that maybe hold 4 fluid ounces? They are perfect for SO many things. Obviously, you can use them for condiments and dips, but also for olives, pickles, nuts, and fruit when you’re doing a cheese platter. Then, of course, they are great when you’re having taco night or chili and you want to put out the toppings. And, they even work for when you just need to mix up a small batch of something like salad dressing.

5 Things I Wish I’d Registered For:

Married? What do you wish you had registered for or what you you use all the time?!

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