Make Your Lipstick Look Better (with 4 simple steps)

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, today, shall we? LIPSTICK.

I feel like in the past 2 years more and more ladies are going out wearing lipstick, feeling comfortable rocking a bold lip and gosh darn it I love it! Even if we still have a few lady friends who don’t care for it, or think they don’t look good in lipstick (trust me, everyone looks good in lipstick, just a matter of finding the right color.)

So, since so many of you are feeling comfortable stepping out in all sorts of colors I’m going to share with you my four simple tips to make your lipstick look even better (and last longer.)


1. Exfoliate dem lips. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see ladies make. If you don’t exfoliate first, the lipstick will stick to dry patches on your lips and you won’t have a nice smooth look. I love the ELF Exfoliator Stick. Work this softly in circular motions onto your lips and wipe away with a wet cloth. If your lips still feel rough, do it again.

2. Moisturize. I suggest a moisturizing balm on your lips 20 minutes before you put on your lipstick. You need to give it some time to sink into your lips and give them some moisture, this will keep your lips from drying out during the time you wear your lipstick. It’s important to do this 15-20 minutes before you put on your lipstick, if you try to put your lipstick RIGHT on top of the balm, the lipstick will be too slippery and won’t stay put as long.

3. Apply it all over your ENTIRE lips. I find a lot of women neglect the very outer corners of their lips. I know I used to when I first started applying lipstick. But, not swiping the color over the entire lip will leave you with lips that look like they aren’t properly filled in and disconnected. So don’t be scared, cover all those beautiful lips!

4. Blot. A quick blot with a tissue will pickup any access lipstick and prevent it from smudging. After applying your lipstick, wait about 5 minutes for the color to set, then very lightly pat with a tissue. VIOLA! Perfection!


What are some of your favorite lipstick colors at the moment?

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