Lazy Cleaning Hacks (that actually work)

For me, cleaning has to be about minimum effort for maxium impact. With a little one, home to keep up, and a busy schedule, I need to have some simple, quick, easy ways to keep the house cleaned without spending my entire weekend doing so. Enter…the lazy cleaning hacks.

In this post, I’m sharing the 8 lazy cleaning hacks I use to help keep things a little more picked up.

1. Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Get into the habit of never leaving one room without taking something with you. It seems simple but it’s an easy way to keep your house tidy. There’s almost always something that needs to go somewhere else or belongs in another room. Every time you get up ask yourself what can I take with me?

Lazy Cleaning Hacks | Quick Microwave Cleaner

2. Quickly Clean Your Microwave

Put about a 1/2 cup of white vinegar with a few pieces of lemon peel (orange works too) in a microwave-safe cup. Microwave for 2 minutes, this will steam up and then you can easily and quickly wipe your microwave clean.

3. Keep a Sponge in the Shower

When you have a sponge you keep in the shower, right after you shower you can quickly wipe down glass and tiles to prevent soap scum from building up too quickly. This will prolong the time between deep cleans.

Lazy Cleaning Hacks | Clean toys in the dishwasher

4. Use Your Dishwasher for More than Dishes

You can get more washed with your dishwasher than just dishes. Use it for toys, storage bins, brushes, sponges and more. Just make sure to use the top rack and turn off any heat dry settings.

5. If it Takes More than 60 Seconds…just do it.

This is a lazy cleaning hack I learned through experience. I started timing myself when I did something I usually would put off like running out the trash or taking clutter down to the basement. I often realized it took less than 60 seconds and felt silly for putting it off so long. My new rule is if it’s going to take less than a minute to just do it.

Lazy Cleaning Hacks that actually work

6. Get Cleaning Slippers

These are such a game-changer you guys! I know they seem silly but they TOTALLY work. Wear them to dust in corners and mop up spills without bending over. And, wear them while you clean the floors to prevent smudging.

My cleaning slippers are from Amazon and come in a 6 pack. They fit over feet or shoes and are machine washable.

The BEST Cleaning Hacks

7. Invest in a robot vacuum

We have a neato and it’s honestly the best cleaning investment I’ve ever made. It’s amazing what a difference clean floors have to making the entire house look and feel clean. Having something that automatically does that for you daily or even every other day is LIFE CHANGING.

8. Have a “throw it in” bin in every room.

I feel like this is the OG lazy cleaning hack. Just keep a basket or storage bin in every room so you can just throw in the extra clutter. It’s great for a quick pick up and keeps the rooms look way tidier.

Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

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