Layering Necklaces

I’ve been in love with layering on tons of necklaces lately. I just really like the way it looks when the right pieces are paired together.  And, while you can buy layering necklaces that come together in a set to take the guesswork out of it, you can also layer with necklaces already in your collection.


The key is really thinking about the lengths of your necklaces + the kinds of necklaces they are. You want to match different lengths and weights.


The simplest way to layer is to grab two to three necklaces of different lengths.  A 14″ + 18″ + 20″ will look perfectly paired.  You can also mix and match weights.  If doing the above combination, you could pair two daintier necklaces with one heavier one.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could pair two of the same lengths with a shorter length.  Take a pendant necklace of the same length as a coin necklace and pair it with a shorter bar necklace.

The main rule, at the end of the day, is have some fun with it! The reason layering is so great is because you can’t really make it your own!


My current favorite piece for layering is this clear crystal cluster piece from Vannucci.  I even have a coupon code just for you guys! Use “coffee” when you check out at Vannucci and get 20% off!

What’s your favorite way to layer necklaces?

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