Kraken Spiked Lemonade

Happy first day of July. July always makes me feel like summer is officially here.  And, every summer I obsess over a new summer cocktail (and every fall, and winter, and spring….) Nothing rings in a new season better than a corresponding drink.  This year it seems that lemonade drinks are the name of the game at my house. I’ve been recreating spiked lemonade a handful of different ways, and so far this is one of my favorite. Homemade lemonade with a honey simple syrup and Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Yes. Yes. Yes to all of these things.

So, what will you need?
2 Lemons, per drink
Spiced Rum (if you want the Kraken Spiked Lemonade, you’ll want Kraken Black Spiced Rum)

1. Gather the juice of two lemons in a glass.
2. Add 2 ounces of honey simple syrup (about 1 ounce water with one ounce honey dissolved into it).
3. Add 2-3 ounces black spiced rum, 4 if you’re feeling frisky.
4. Fill the rest of the glass with ice and give everything a good shake.
5. Top off with seltzer and garnish with a lemon.
Best when consumed on a back porch barefoot and cut off jean shorts. (I’m serious, try it)

Mix yourself up a Kraken Spiked Lemonade and enjoy with me!

What’s your favorite way to drink lemonade in the summertime? Have you tried this Kraken rum?

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