Kids Neutral Clothing Basics for Fall/Winter

I recently did some shopping for my kids’ fall/winter wardrobe. I personally try to do a general capsule wardrobe (meaning finding pieces that are versatile and mix and match with one another), focusing on basics, with then a few fun extras. I get asked a lot on best places to shop for baby and toddler clothing that is more basic and neutral so I thought I’d share some of the finds I discovered and some of my best tips for where I shop.

Some notes on where I shop and tips for shopping there


  • When shopping for your toddler, still browse the baby section. Many of their tops and sweaters for babies go up to size 4T.
  • The bottoms at H&M run true to size but their tops almost all run large. He wore his 9-12 month stuff from H&M until he was almost 18 months
  • SHOP MY H&M TODDLER BOY PICKS for fall 2021
  • SHOP MY H&M BABY PICKS for fall 2021

Old Navy

  • Old Navy is almost always cheaper online. They often run an additional 30% off sales on their website that don’t run in stores. So my best advice is to wait until there’s a sale then stock up. They run sales all the time and you can really stock up and save during the sales.
  • Runs almost always true to size
  • SHOP MY OLD NAVY PICKS for fall 2021



  • I don’t buy from Zara a ton, so I don’t have a ton of tips. But, it is a good spot for neutrals and I can usualy get tops and sweaters for $12-18. I shop it more now that Miles is is into toddler age and found less for babies.

A Few Small Shops I Like Buying From:

Baby Neutral Clothing Basics


I love sets for babies because they are just so easy. H&M has great options, especially for girls (see this set, this set, and this set). I focus on solid colors or general color schemes, so I can mix and match if I want. I also really like a lot of the sets from Cat & Jack at Target because they tend have lots of neutral options (I got this one and this one for Finley).

Sleep n Plays

I honestly get a big majority of our sleep n plays from Old Navy. I wait for a sale and I can usually get them for $8 or so and I find they have held up just as good as more expensive ones we’ve bought elsewhere. Many of the ones my son wore I was able to use for his sister, too. They do have some obnoxious graphics sometimes, but you can usually find some soilds mixed in as well as more muted patterns.

Onesies & Pants

I love getting the onesies and pants at H&M because they come in value packs so it’s a great deal (I just bought this onesie set and this matching pants set. Plus, the packs generally have a coordinating color scheme and you can then buy the matching pants sets, and BAM you’ve got tons of mix and match pieces. Old Navy is also great for solid-colored legging/joggers for either gender for a super good price (these unisex ones are $5)

For girls I love the tights and legging packs from H&M. Cat & Jack from Target also usually has good packs.

Toddler Neutral Clothing Basics

(Mostly boy stuff here since I don’t have good toddler girl insights yet! But, I’m sure many of the same rules apply)


I tend to hit up H&M first because they have super simple pull-on joggers and also 3-packs and 5-packs of sweatpants and leggings – they are a great price and super easy and versatile. I also LOVE their Super Soft Skinny jeans, I usually wait for them to go on sale. Old Navy is good for just basic sweatpants and for jeans I like their Karate jeans.


Cat & Jack from Target is one of my go-to for simple tops. Their tops usually range from $5-$10 for basics so a great place to stock up. They range from solid colors to some that are a little more interesting like henleys and thermals.

I also always get one of the packs of shirts from H&M for each season, they are just solid colors and great staples. They also usually do 2-packs of sweaters for a great deal.

Shop my H&M Picks for Fall 2021

Shop my Target Picks for Fall 2021

Shop my Old Navy Picks for Fall 2021

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