Is Thrive Market Worth It?

Here’s my Thrive Market Review after trying it for the first time. Is Thrive Market worth it? It is cheaper than other grocery stores? Can you really save money shopping at Thrive Market? This post is not sponsored by Thrive Market in any way. I purchased the membership and groceries with my own money. This post does contain affiliate links.

If you’re like me, you may be interested or intrigued by Thrive Market. I’ve heard so many people talk about it but just never bit the bullet. I always get hung up thinking about paying a membership fee. But I’ve heard enough great things that I really wanted to give it a chance.

Wait…what’s Thrive Market?

If you’ve landed here and you have no idea what Thrive Market is, let me briefly break it down.

Thrive Market is basically an online grocery store. It sells everything from food, wine, cleaning products, household products, and bath/beauty products, all of which are all-natural and/or organic. You can also very easily filter by diet, which is part of where it gained a lot of popularity. Search for keto, whole30, gluten-free, paleo, and more. Like most grocery marketplaces, they sell their own brand of product, as well as name brand products.

What does Thrive Market cost?

Thrive Market has a membership fee. This is what took me so long to commit.

The way Thrive Market explains this cost is that purchasing a membership shows demand for these all-natural products. That enhances their buying power and allows them to get these products at lower costs (essentially higher demands lowers the cost). Just by scanning their products, you can see almost every product is a reduced cost from regular retail. They claim you can get up to 50% off, but I’d say you usually are saving about 15-25% off. So, if you purchase every 4-6 weeks and are saving on average 15-25%, it’s not that hard to justify the $5/month cost.

Also note: If you are a low-income family, veteran, teacher, or student you can apply for a free membership.

My First Time Trying Thrive

Like I said, I’ve been thinking of trying Thrive Market for awhile but finally decided I was ready.

Why I decided to try Thrive Market

  • I don’t have a good all-natural grocery store near me.
  • The all-natural grocery options near me are very over-priced.
  • We recently discovered my son has a gluten intolerance (he can eat it, but too much makes him break out) and the gluten-free options are limited at the grocery store.
  • I’ve been struggling to find good, quick, healthy snacks for myself and my toddler.

My first time shopping Thrive Market

So, once I bit the bullet and purchased the membership (I did yearly, it’s 1/2 the cost of doing monthly) and you can get free product up to $22 value using this link!

Once logged in, at first I was a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot of stuff! It’s hard to buy groceries online. I asked for some advice from other people I knew used Thrive Market to help me. Then, I also searched for missing pieces in my own pantry (gluten-free options, easy on-the-go snacks, etc.)

But, what I wasn’t originally planning to find from Thrive Market is they are a great resource for pantry staples. Get all-natural staples you can feel good about without paying more than grocery prices (or even less in many cases).

Tips for shopping Thrive Market

Add to cart as you go – one of the best perks of Thrive Market is unlike the grocery store you don’t get just one “shot.” I have the app and just add things to my cart as I think of it. Then, I know whatever I’m missing is getting fulfilled. Just note boxes take about 3-5 days to arrive.

Get on the email list – they’ll email you coupons, sales, and deals

Ask other Thrive Market users for their favorites – it’s a great way to find new products and share favorites. Thrive also will recommend similar products which is nice.

So…is Thrive Market Worth the cost?

It didn’t take me long to realize that paying $5/month was well worth having access to this Thrive Market. Assuming you’re going to make a purchase every 4-6 weeks, it’s very easy to justify the membership.

I actually purchased some items on Thrive Market that are also available at my local grocery store and price compared. I was curious if when the site said “20% off retail” if it REALLY was. And, what I found is the savings they showed on the website were pretty accurate. I compared a handful of items and I saved as much as they claimed I would, compared to my local store. Like I mentioned above, on average I saved about 15-25% on every item. My purchase was about $100, so I saved about $15-25 in just one month. So, that pays for the month’s membership PLUS saved me up to $20 PLUS gained me access to a ton of high-quality products I can’t get at my local grocery store.

So, in short, yes yes yes, I think Thrive Market is worth it. If you are thinking of signing up, get a free product up to $22 using this link.

You’ll LOVE Thrive Market if:

  • You tend to purchase all-natural foods and find the grocery-store prices over-priced
  • You struggle to find a good variety of all-natural foods and household products at your grocery store and don’t live near good specialty stores
  • Have a special diet to shop for
  • Want to find some healthier alternative

Some the main perks of Thrive Market:

  • Lots of variety – I was most surprised by how much variety there was on Thrive Market. Not just pantry staples and healthy snacks, but clean beauty products, cleaning, and household products, and even kids’ toys!
  • All-Natural – If you prefer all-natural or organic foods, Thrive Market makes it a breeze.
  • Search by your diet – If you or someone in your family have a dietary restriction Thrive Market makes it 100% easier than the grocery store.
  • Free delivery – when you spend over $49
  • Freebies and other deals  – You’ll see you get some free item(s) when you spend a certain amount. I got a face scrub with my first order, which was a great way to try out some of their clean beauty. They also run sales and will send emails about them.
  • Your membership gives back – Part of your membership helps to give away memberships to veterans, teachers, and low-income families.’

Overall, I’m loving Thrive Market because of the accessibility to healthy, all-natural options at a marked down rate from my grocery store. It’s saving me money and helping me eat smarter. Get a $20 FREE shopping credit using this link.

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