How to Wear Overall Shorts | 7 Different Ways

Listen, I don’t want to make a big deal about it or anything but I finally bought myself a pair of overall jean shorts.

I’m like, essentially, I really cool fashion blogger now. So, you can see me hanging out on the #fblogger instafeed or gracing the pages of your next People Style magazine…just sayin’.

All joke aside I searched endlessly for a pair of jean overall shorts last year to no avail. Last month I finally found my perfect pair – these are my overalls here – and am beyond thrilled. I know I’m going to live in these all summer. I hope you like them because they will be 90% of my Instagram feed. Since I’ll be wearing the heck out of them I thought I’d share seven different things to wear with overall jean shorts. Typically I grab for a tank top, but I wanted to play around with the different ways I could style these overall shorts.

After some good old fashion Pinterest browsing and a quick session of tearing apart my closet, I came up with my seven favorite ways to style my new overall jean shorts. I can’t say I have a favorite but I will say I was pleasantly surprised about how dang versatile these are. You can honestly wear them with so many different things.

How to Wear Overall Shorts | 7 Different Ways

The Crop Top

I need to be real with you…want to know what I can’t wear? High waisted shorts. I thought I could but it just doesn’t work and so I’ve been left so jealous of everyone and their crop tops. Well, I finally have the perfect way to wear a crop top! I love love love overall jean shorts with a crop. It’s just a little bit fun, a little bit of skin, and the perfect fun summer night outfit.

Classic White Tee

You can’t go wrong with overalls and a classic white v-neck. It’s always a good choice.

Tank top

Another classic choice for overalls.

Add a Cardigan

How did I never think of this before? A lace, drapey cardigan pairs perfect with overall jean shorts for an even more laid-back vibe.


Um, can you say transition pieces? I love how cute a sweater looks under these overalls and that it makes it perfect for spring and fall when it’s not the heat of summer.

Tie a flannel

A flannel tied around the waist is one of my favorite “casual” accessories because it also comes in handy if the temperature drops a little and you need another layer. Imagine this with a pair of combat boots? You could take on the world!

Off the shoudler

I have to thank Pinterest for this idea because I probably would have never thought to try this. But, off the shoulder tops work perfectly with overall shorts!

See the overall IN ACTION! Press Play

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