How to Save Money at Target

How to Save Money at Target

What can I say about Target that someone hasn’t already said? Its red bullseye hypnotizing me into wanting, needing, and gotta-havin’ everything. You go in for toothpaste and come out with $100 worth of things you didn’t even need. Don’t feel ashamed, it has happened to the best of us. I mean…have you see the housewares section in a Target? There are hedgehog-shaped salt and pepper shakers, faux fur ottomans, and marble accented table lamps. I just don’t have the self-control to say no to these types of things. Nobody is perfect. Also, they have Starbucks in most Targets and it helps me get my basic on.

Honestly, I feel a little blessed that there isn’t a Target within a 30-minute drive of my house. Otherwise, I’d probably have a problem – and a really upset husband (but really cute throw pillows).

That being said, I want to help you with your likely Target addiction. You know if it saves you time or saves you money that I’m probably going to share it with you and that’s why today I’m sharing my best tips for how to save money at Target.

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Check online

Always check online before you checkout in the store. Target online will often have prices that are cheaper that in-store. But stores will honor the online prices if you go to the Customer Service center to check out. I did this when we bought our new bed set and sheets and saved about $45 all together!

NOTE: Price matching also works for,,,,

Get them coupons

Check for coupons before you shop. You can always find the current coupons at. This will save you money on things you were already planning to purchase.

Always check the endcaps

Endcaps are the narrow displays at the end of every aisle. On the main sections of the aisle is usually where sale and BOGO items will be displayed. On the backends of aisles, you’ll likely find clearance items.

Know the clearance schedule at Target and save more when you shop! Share on X

Know the holiday clearance schdule

This varies store-by-store, but a general rule of thumb for holiday clearance is:
50% off – 1 day after the holiday
75% off – 3 days after the holiday
90% off – 7 days after the holiday
If you’re a planner this can save you money for next year’s holiday shopping. Also, many “holiday” items are more open-ended than that and can be used for more than just that holiday.

Buy store brand

For items you don’t have a strong brand loyalty to, consider picking up the Target store brand which is typically around 20% cheaper!

Combine coupons

Target allows you to combine coupons so you can use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item! This allows for even more savings. If you’re really smart with your coupons, this can sometimes result in FREE products. What what!?

Get the Cartwheel App

The Target app, Cartwheel, offers coupons on items you purchase often. Scan at checkout to get more and more savings, between 5%-50% off! There is also the Target Red card, their credit card. This will certainly save you money too with many bonuses, but I don’t use it myself so I can’t speak to it. I also don’t want to encourage anyone to get any more credit cards than needed, so I’ll leave that one to your discretion.

How to Save Money at Target

So, there you have it, my best tips for saving money at Target. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments. If you’d like to see some other money saving posts, let me know which stores.

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