How to Make a Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Tree | Buy or DIY?

Christmas is the only holiday I decorate for. And even though I’m getting a little better every year, my decorations are still pretty minimal when it comes to the average person. I have a tree, maybe some garland on the mantle, and possibly a poinsettia around somewhere that my dog won’t attempt to eat it. But, the truth is I just get a little overwhelmed by holiday decorating. It’s a lot of stuff to keep and my attic organization skills just aren’t that good.

Plus…it’s expensive!

Every year I tell myself I’m going to buy a big wreath for the front door. And every year I end up hanging the same, small, tiny wreath I got on sale at CVS a few years ago. So, this year I decided it was time to get a proper, extra large wreath…but, I didn’t want to spend the average $75-$120 price tag I saw on them. Seriously…like $100? You know how many Americanos I could buy with that? Well… probably less than you think because Americanos are always overpriced. But, still.

In the spirit of some Christmas DIYing I was doing for a Dollar Tree Christmas DIY video I made, I figured I could tackle the Christmas wreath issue once and for all. I didn’t have a plan of HOW to do it but figured some creative genius (or Pinterest) would strike me once at the Dollar Tree. And, it did!

So, here’s how I made a big, oversized wreath for my front door for only about $12. Let’s jump into another edition of Buy or D.I.Y

How to Make a Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Tree | Buy or DIY?

First things first, you need your supplies. I picked up two of the 16/18″ wreaths they had at my Dollar Tree. These are tiny and small and very sad. But trust me we’re going to perk them up.

Next, to add volume to the wreath I got three of the 15′ garlands they had.

Finally, you need your decorations. This is where your own style and personality can come through. You can go traditional with just some Christmas bulbs and a big red bow, get woodland style ornaments and some burlap, or add colorful pink and teal ornaments. Whatever you want! The sky is the limit! I’d just say, it’s best if you have a good idea of your style before you get to the store or you’ll be overwhelmed.

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath | Buy or DIY?

To make the wreath, you need to start by opening up the two 16/18″ wreaths. We’ll combine these two to make one big wreath. If you search on each wreath you’ll find a clamp or two that’s holding the wiring of the wreath into a circle. All you need to do is just pop these clamps off and the wreath will open.

Once you have both wreaths open, you can give them a good stretch and combine them together to create one large wreath. You’ll want to use something to reclamp the new ends together. I used a few oversized paperclips. You could also use floral wire.

Taking the 15′ garlands (I used a total of three) I’m wrapped it around the newly formed wreath to add volume. The garland has wire inside so you can sort of squeeze and manipulate it to make it look as full as you want. You can also add more garland if you want it to be even more full.

Then comes the fun part! Time to decorate. Using the ornaments and other items I bought I started giving life to my wreath. I decided I wanted something a little extra and so I also ended up making these fur “JOY” letters. These were also a Dollar Tree DIY and you can see how I made those in the video below. Just have fun with it and make it your own.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath from the Dollar Tree | Dollar Store DIY

And, that’s it! I’m so pleased with how this wreath came out and the entire thing only ended up costing me about $12 to make which is a serious steal! I think I might need to make one for my back door as well!

If you want to see this wreath being made step-by-step and check out some other awesome Christmas DIYs from the Dollar Tree, you can check out the video below. I share how I made the fur letters (which would also look amazing on your mantle), ribbon garland, felt Christmas pillows, and more! Get festive but don’t break the bank!

Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs

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Do you decorate for the holidays? Do you go all out or just a few small items like me?

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