How to Be More Optimistic

I’m an optimist.

I’m not sure if I was born this way or if life shaped me to be this way. Maybe it’s neither, maybe it’s just that I like good things, so that means I always look for the good in everything. In my travels through life, I’ve just always found it easier to tackle all events (happy or unhappy, scary or exciting, surprising or unexpected) with a positive attitude. Now, one thing I know for sure is I haven’t stayed an optimist by total chance. I “practice” optimism. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a “way of life,” but it’s definitely an attitude and a discipline.

Today I’m going to teach you some of the ways I practice being an optimist.

In order to stay positive and have an optimistic outlook on life, it takes a little work. It’s really about teaching yourself to look at life a certain way. A way that reiterates that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, but that you have plenty of green grass on your side if you’re just willing to open your eyes to see it. I think these tips will help you to have a more positive look on life overall.

How to Be More Optimistic

Focus on solutions

When faced with a problem, the goal isn’t to look back and focus on what caused the problem. In the moment, looking back will only cause you to get down on yourself for whatever led you to this problem. Or, it’ll lead you to the never-ending “blame game” of whose fault it is that you’re here.

Instead, the best way out is to focus on solutions. You cannot go back and time and change what caused you to be in this situation, so look forward at what you can change. Focusing on solutions helps you see the end of the problem and ensures you avoid dwelling on the issue.

Actively identify your successes

Give yourself some dang credit. You rock. We’re quick to acknowledge when we fail but so often forget to acknowledge when we succeed. Take a moment to appreciate your successes. Don’t wait around for someone else to tell you that you did a good job. Learn how to recognize and appreciate your own successes without the need of someone else pointing them out or noticing them for you.

How to Be More Optimistic | Kallie Branciforte

Find an outlet

Find something that helps you relax and think through hard problems. Most often, this is something physical. For some people, it’s a sport or a yoga class, maybe it’s running or riding your bike or hiking. Mine is taking a LONG walk. When I need to work something out in my mind or feel myself feeling down, I grab my dogs and set out for a really long walk. My body is moving but I have nothing too pressing to concentrate on besides putting one foot in front of the other, and it allows my brain to work through things. Plus, the physical movement releases endorphins so I always come home happier than I left.

Understand that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life

Essentially, don’t dwell in the bad parts of your day, your week, and your life. Sometimes our bodies are naturally programmed to spend more time dwelling on failures, upsets, and disappointments rather than achievements, happiness, and good times. Because of this, you need to actively remind yourself not to dwell on bad days.

If you’re going to laugh about it later, just laugh about it now

This can get you through so many things in life. It’s not easy when you’re in the moment…but if you’re experiencing something uncomfortable or embarrassing try to think about yourself telling a friend about it in a year. If you can laugh about a situation looking back at it, you might as well just laugh about it now!

I hope my optimsim tips help you! Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person? Let me know in the commments down below!

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