Holiday Party Hacks

WHATT?! Is this a holiday post BEFORE Thanksgiving. Hold up, girl, don’t go giving up on me just yet.

You have to know, the red cups are out, we have less than three paychecks until Christmas shopping needs to be done, time just ticks right away! And, this is a holiday post, but also a holiday PARTY post, meaning a lot of these will work for Thanksgiving too.

So, we good? Can we be friends again? Eh? Eh?

I have 6 Holiday Party Hacks to share with you, and some most BONUS hacks if you watch my holiday hacks video, displayed below.

Let’s do this.

Serve chips IN the bag

See this in action in the video. Basically you fold the top in, then starting from the bottom you roll it inward pushing the chips up as you go. This creates a flat bottom and the chip bag sits up nicely!

Use cranberries to cool off your drinks

Cranberries are such a festive berry! Pop them onto a long toothpick and freeze. Use as stirrer to cool off beverages without having to hassle with ice.

Label your drinks

Use gift tag labels to spruce up plastic party cups and insure everyone knows whose cup is whose.

String ribbon on a paper towel roll holder

Use a paper towel roll holder to keep ribbon organized and easy to cut.

Create a ribbon from wrapping paper

Use strips of wrapping paper to create a ribbon if you don’t have one. Using 3 11″ strips, 3 10″ strips, and 3 9″ strips, twist them into figure eights and secure. Layer them on top of one another, securing with tape. Take a small 3-1/2″ strip and make a roll, place this in the center. (Watch the tutorial on the video to see it in action, it’s super simple!)

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