Halloween Nail Art with no nail art tools required!

This past July 4th I shared with you all a simple Fourth of July nail art design that used NO nail art tools.  Now, not only am I cheap and like to avoid buying things I don’t need, I also hate having “stuff” around that takes up space. For example, in my kitchen, I like to have the least amount of appliances/tools that I can possibly have while still being able to cook all the things I want to cook.  I love a cute themed nail art occassionally but never want to commit to buying a dotting tool and striper and a bunch of other things I’m just going to lose, so I do all that I can without any of the tools.  All you’ll need for these two looks is nail polish and a bobby pin. (Side Note: I’m editing this post right now and had “bobby” pin written as “booby” pin, which I just thought was too funny of a misspell not to share. End Side Note.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3eKE5zikQg?rel=0]


I hope you guys enjoyed these two simple Halloween nail art designs! I’m going to try to do a Halloween post each week leading up to Halloween!

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