Going to bed angry and what the heck is my real job?


We got our first official snowfall this weekend which got me, finally, feeling in the Christmas spirit. It promptly rained right after melting all the snow away, but I got to enjoy it for a few brief hours before it was gone. I wasn’t even that mad about it because it meant I didn’t have to shovel. It got us so much into the spirit we even braved the mall for a little last minute shopping. Almost done. Nothing like the last minute, right?

Today I’m finally making good on a promise to do a little Snapchat Q&A. So, this weekend I went to the snap-machine and told you all to ask away. I’m taking a bunch of those and answering them for you today.


Do you like winter? What’s your favorite season? Also, what’s your Husband’s favorite season?

Asked by Roxyv11
Despite how smile-y I am in these pictures, don’t like winter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, think snow is pretty. I like snuggling up by the fire with a cozy blanket. But, actually having to live in the winter and do daily activities like go to work, run errands, and walk the dogs, starts to become a drag. I also hate being cold, having to wear socks, and how much my skin HATES dry, furnace heat. My favorite season is definitely summer, hands down.

Michael says his favorite season is, “Fall… because I like scary Halloween movies and it’s football season.”

Your secret to maintaining your skin?

Asked by Sanjcookies7
Consistency. It’s all about finding a good routine with products that work for you and sticking to it. Every person should at least be cleansing and moisturizing 2x daily and incorporating some type of exfoliation into their routine. Beyond that, it’s important to find the right products and routine for your skin.

How did you start YouTube advice?

Asked by drxmxticxlly
I always say if you’re thinking about getting going on YouTube, go for it! The best advice is to just to go ahead and get started. The biggest step is that first one and you’ll learn a lot as you go.

Of course, I can’t help but put in a shameless plug here and remind you I do have a course all about how to be successful on YouTube and grow a channel with views and followers. It’s called “Conquer YouTube” and you can learn more about it here.

All time favorite drugstore makeup brand?

Asked by ella_dancee
I’d have to go with L’oreal on that one.


Favorite way to unwind/relax?

Asked by Jennifer Davis
If it’s really nice weather, I love taking the dogs for a walk – I find it super relaxing and it helps me clear my mind. If the weather isn’t good then curling up on the sofa with Michael and watching a movie is the way to go.

How do you and your husband handle disagreements? Do you need space or like to settle it immediately? Do you go to bed angry?

Asked by KatieLarie
As weird as it sounds, Michael and I have a pretty good method when it comes to arguments. We’ve learned it’s usually easiest to just talk our arguments out instead of letting them fester. We are pretty good about making a big effort to come around and try to see each other’s side and both usually end up apologizing, no matter who’s fault it is.

As far as going to bed angry? I don’t know any argument exhaustion will cure, so sometimes a good night’s sleep and fresh mind is a better way to approach the disagreement.

Suggestions on makeup organization when you don’t have a lot of space?

Asked by Kat.tea
I don’t have a ton of space in my bathroom either, so instead I keep my everyday makeup in a small drawer in my bathroom. Then, I have a craft storage drawer, like this one, in my extra bedroom to store and organize the rest of it. This way I don’t have to sort through all my products on a daily basis but can keep everything well-organized. Every few weeks or so, I’ll make swaps between my “daily drawer” and main storage.


What’s your current hair color?

Asked by Sanjcookies7
Mah girl @saripaints slays hair. I’m on my second session of balayage with her. She explained all her steps in this insta post.

When did you know that YouTube was officially your main job money-wise?

Asked by nancyrigo
I actually still have a normal 9-5 day job. I’m a manager at a small internet marketing company. YouTube and blogging are still my side hustle.

Where do you live?

Asked by Amiee Dixon
I live in Connecticut!


How long have you and your husband been together?

Asked by drxmxticxlly
Michael and I started dating in 2005, so it’s been about 11 years!

What advice would you give for jumping from being a teacher to a new career?

Asked by Jennifer Davis
It’s funny this question was asked because I just answered it in a lot of detail in this post I wrote over on The Style Theory as part of a feature post. The abridged version….Leaving a career you spent so long building up is definitely scary. People will judge and question you… but only you know what’s right for you. No one else can understand your journey, and if you think life is showing you a different path to follow, and it feels right, go for it.

What sweets do you like?

Asked by Niladmirari
How about every sweet? I’ll take ’em all. Cookies, cake, ice cream, chocolate, tarts? I don’t discriminate when it comes to sweets.


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Thanks to all those asked questions! See you in the snaps! If we’re not already snap friend, you can find me here @kallie_e88

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