Gift Ideas for Kids 1-4 Years Old| Guide-Guide-By-Price Series

Hello, and welcome to the 2019 Gift Guide Series. Today we’re taking on the kids in your life. This guide is best for kids between 1 and 4 years old.

Under $15

Matching Eggs – These little eggs have shapes inside allowing little ones to match each side.

Stacking Cups – These can be used in endless ways. Kids can make towers, stack them inside each other, and use them in the tub.

Mr. Food Plate – If you’ve ever fed a toddler you know it’s not always the easiest task. These fun plates will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

My First Sounds Books – These board books have a little button on each page to play a corresponding sound. Miles has the Nutcracker one and LOVES it.

Under $30

Spinagain Stacker – This is like stacking rings but the rings spin on and off the base. Miles is obsessed with this and every kid/adult who has come to our house loves playing with it.

Play Pot Set– Miles loves playing with our real pots and I love the idea of them having their own kid-size set to play with. Kids love to play with things mom and dad use all the time so it’s great for imaginative play.

Dinosaur Utensils – Fun for dinner time with little hands.

Ice Cream Set – Perfect for little hands to recreate an ice cream shop.

Music Set – This band-in-a-box includes everything a little one needs to make their own music!

Dentist Kit – Great for imaginative play, this dentist kit is perfect! *NOTE: I believe the little teeth come out of the mouth so not ideal for really little ones. I suggest 3+ If you want something similar, check out this vet kit!

Lock Board – Little hands love locks and it’s great for fine motor skills. Miles has this at his daycare and plays with it constantly. I’m getting him a similar one for Christmas.

Under $50

Custom Name Puzzle– Awesome personalized gift and made by a small mom-owned business.

AirFort – This is like a tent, but it fills with air like a parachute. It has amazing reviews and such a fun hideaway for little ones! Love that you can set it up and then take it down when you don’t want it out.

Wooden Train Set – This wooden train set is so cute and I love all the little ways you can stack and sort them.

$50 and Over

Play Kitchen – Every kid loves a play kitchen. They can be played with in endless ways. I love this one because it’s very simple, leaving the imagination to the kids.

Easel– Every kid needs an easel for drawing, playing teacher, painting, and more.

Ride-on Car – Super fun for little ones and easy for parents to push them along.

The Nugget– The Nugget is a play couch of four foam building blocks for the most creative people: kids.

Little Chair and Table Set – Littles ones love having a table at their height for drawing, eating, playing, and more.

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