Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers


Being in a place where you have a blog that so openly declares your true and dying love for coffee luckily leaves me exposed to a lot of amazing coffee related goodies. And, if my house had room and my wallet was ever full, I would probably just buy it all. I’d be like one of those people who love Star Wars and their whole house is Star Wars: Star Wars Artwork, Chewbacca couch, Millennium Falcon dining room table, Darth Vadar bedspread…you get the drift – but it’d be all coffee stuff.

Either way I figured it made sense to collect up a bunch of my favorite coffee related items to help you do some gift shopping for that coffee lover in your life.

1. Scream For Coffee T-Shirt

This super soft printed t-shirt with hand-lettered artwork by Designing Dawn is perfect. Use the code BFC10 for 10% this shirt! -can’t be combined with other offers [Designing Dawn, Etsy]

2. Ceramic French Press

It’s safe to assume your coffee-loving friend already has a French press…but I bet she doesn’t have a beautiful ceramic one! [Anthropologie]

3.Coffee of the Month Club

Get craft coffee roasted in Brooklyn, NY every month. That just sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? [Craft Coffee]

4. Coffee Taste Wheel

This is the most extensive flavor wheel I’ve ever seen for coffee. Provided by Counter Culture, you can print a poster size version and frame it. [Counter Culture]

5. Coffee Pillow

The thing we all think when we first wake up, might as well display it proudly. [But First, Coffee – The shop]

6. NEED coffee mug

I’m sorry for the profanity (no I’m not, this is my blog I do what I want). My friend sent me this mug and I DIED. I won’t lie, this is currently in route to my house as we speak and it was worth all $14. [Diesel Sweeties]


joeSCRUB is a body scrub made with coffee grounds. Using it is a religious experience at best. You’ve heard me rave about this stuff before in my Summer Skincare post. This company is also just AWESOME. So…awesome company that lets you rub coffee all over yourself that results in mega soft skin? Yea, I think we have a winner. [joeSCRUB]

8. Grow Your Own Coffee


Sure, you’ll never grow enough to harvest, but any coffee lover would adore a little coffee plant in their house, let’s get real. [ThinkGeek]

There you have it, my list of PERFECT gifts for coffee lovers (aka my Christmas list…Mom…I know you’re reading this.)


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