How to make eyes appear larger - make your eyes pop

Get Bigger Looking Eyes – Make your eyes POP

How to get bigger looking eyes

Today I’m going to be sharing some simple tips on how to get bigger looking eyes.  These are ways to make your eyes pop without wearing a ton of makeup. Sure, we all know a gorgeous smoky eye with a perfect wing liner makes anyone’s eyes look stunning, but this is simple tricks to get those beautiful, bigger looking eyes without a lot of time.

The general rule of thumb for all these tips are things that will make the area of your eyes appear larger, and tricks to make the eyes look more wide and awake.

How to get bigger looking eyes

Step One: After applying a base, light shadow, work a darker matte shade into the outer corner of your eyes. I place it JUST above my natural crease bone on the outer 1/2 of my eye and then blend. This extends my natural eye shape a little bit make it look bigger.

Step two: Using a black liner, tightline and apply a thin line to your top lash line. These two things will make your lashes appear more full and lifted.
*Tightlining is applying liner to the space underneath your lashes – to see a better demo watch the video embedded in this post.

Step Three: Using a nude or white liner, apply this to your waterline. This will extend the area of the whites of your eye, makes your actual eyes appear bigger!

Step Four: Shimmer shadow in the inner corners of your eyes adds highlight.

Step Five: Full length mascara extends your eyes and makes them appear more open and awake. It also adds definition to the eye area helping them pop.

How to make eyes appear larger - make your eyes pop

So there you have it, some simple things you can add to your morning makeup routine to make your eyes appear larger, wider, and more awake. These are great tricks for everyday since you don’t need to apply a lot of makeup to make your eyes pop.

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