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I’m kicking off the new year by FINALLY adding a FAQs page to But First, Coffee.  Adding a frequently asked questions page is something I’ve thought of adding forever but kept putting off. I needed a place to send people who email me the same inquiries over and over, as well as a place to answer a lot of the questions I get from you all! And, of course, I wanted to have a little fun with it.

So to kick it off and pat myself on the back for finally crossing this off my to do list, I’ll share some of my FAQs with you today!

What the heck do you do for a living?

Well, let me explain. I was a teacher for 4 years, it’s what I went to school for. In 2015 I quit teaching to pursue Internet Marketing full-time. I’m now the manager for a local firm that helps our clients with online lead generation.

While I have a normal 9-5, I also consider being a blogger and content creator as part of my career- it’s my side hustle. I certainly put in the hours and do make a second income doing it.

Where do you live?

I live in Connecticut. I’ve lived in the north all my life and although you’ll often hear me complain about the pains of winter (I really hate being cold), I’m a New England gal at heart. As much as I hate to admit it, snow is really (really, really) pretty. Plus, it’s hard to beat quaint New England towns in the summer.

I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m not as happy about being in this snow as the pictures make it seem. I was cold, and wet, and it was really windy. It was the first real snow of the season, though, and deep down inside of me, I liked it.

Tell me more about Austin and Zoe, it’s the real reason I’m here.

Austin is a papillon. Michael and I got him when we first moved in together and were living in an apartment that had a strict “no dog” policy. Oops. We snuck him up and down the elevator in a small handbag – he was tiny as a baby, like 2lbs. About a year later we moved on to renting a house and were ready to grow our fur family and adopted Zoe, an Australian Shepherd mix.

Austin is a big trouble-maker. If you met him, you’d think I was the worst dog mom in the world. Zoe is the most perfectly behaved dog on the planet. If you met her, you’d think I was Cesar Millan. You can follow them on Instagram if you want more @austinandzoe .

I’m a new blogger, what advice can you give me?

I’m pretty pumped you asked. I’ve written a lot about this. In fact, I have an entire website and blog dedicated to this called Caffeinate and Conquer. It’s an online toolbox designed to help other bloggers grow their presence online. I also created an entire e-course (for free) about getting a better blog. You can enroll here.

What camera do you use?

I have a Canon Rebel with a few different lens, depending on what I’m shooting.

Who takes your pictures?

My awesome husband has taken on the all-encompassing role of “blog-husband,” which requires taking photos, agreeing to wait 5 minutes before eating any meal so I can snap an insta, and not complaining when I work late nights.

Where can I get that ___ you’re wearing?

I’m a big time bargain hunter which means lots of things are long gone. However, I always do my very best to offer similar pieces/products when I post – which you’ll see below with this vest. Additionally, you can check out my shop page, to see things featured on my instagram, snapchat, etc.


Why do you use WordPress and how did you make the switch from Blogger?

Everyone has their opinion on this, but I prefer WordPress because of its higher-level SEO capabilities, endless plugins, and how it connects seamlessly with my other tools like Mailchimp and Leadpages. Not to mention, with WordPress I can self-host and own all my content.

As far as making the transfer? I drank a lot. And cried, probably 4-10 times. I haven’t written a blog post on “How to Move From Blogger to WordPress,” because I literally have no idea how I actually did. My best suggestion is to pick a hosting platform with good customer service (I like Bluehost) so they can help you out.

How do you stay fit?

That’s sweet of you to ask. I like to dance while I vacuum, it’s exceptional cardio. I also pick up Austin a lot, which is like a squat and a bicep curl in one.

Between your blog, your YouTube channel, and Caffeinate and Conquer…AND a full time job – how do you do it all?

Coffee and lack of sleep.
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