Foolproof Twisted Braid Tutorial

Twisted Braid Tutorial | Simple Braided Hairstyle

I love my long hair. I do. But, it’s a lot of work.

You know those “I love you but sometimes you stink” commercials from Febreze? It’s like that.

In 2009 I cut off my hair very short. Like, to my ears.  I tried really hard to love it but I didn’t and vowed to grow it long again. 8 years later, here we are and I can’t imagine parting with my long hair. All that being said, this commitment to having long hair leaves me needing simple and easy ways to style it. Some days I just want it up and out of my face but also want something that looks cuter than a boring ponytail. I also like to limit heat styling on my hair to help keep it healthy.

Braids are one of my favorite ways to do this, and this twisted braid is foolproof. It’s almost impossible to mess up and looks so involved and impressive.

Twisted Braid Tutorial | Simple Braided Hairstyle

Twisted Braid Tutorial

1.Ideally, you’ll want to start with loose waves to add some texture to this look. If your hair is freshly washed, try using a little texturizing spray before braiding.

2. Pull your hair into a half-up ponytail and secure with a small rubber hair band.

3. Take this ponytail make it an inside-out ponytail. To do this you create a little hole just above the elastic of the ponytail then you take the ponytail and you flip it through from the outside to the inside (top to bottom).

4. Pull at this to loosen it a little and add more fullness

5. Just below this, gather hair from the sides into another loose inside out ponytail.

6. Continue this all the way down your hair.

7. Once it’s all done, pull at the braid to loosen everything and give it a thicker appearance.

Twisted Braid Tutorial | Simple Braided Hairstyle

Twisted Braid Tutorial | Simple Braided Hairstyle

Twisted Braid Tutorial | Simple Braided Hairstyle

What are some of your favorite braided hairstyles or ways to style your hair without heat? Here are a few of my other favorites: 10 Simple Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

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