How to Wear Florals

Remember in “The Devil Wears Prada” when Miranda Priestly unenthusiastically rolls her eyes and goes, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”? Sure, the floral trend isn’t anything new. Spring after spring new floral prints arrive for our spring and summer wardrobe and year after year…we all eat it up. What is it about floral print that every girl loves? It’s hard to know.

I think part of the reason we love floral is because of how versatile it is. Florals can make you feel sweet and feminine, but you can also style them to be edgy and tough. You can get a large floral print, small floral print, mix-match florals, or just a floral accent. The possibilities are truly endless. Not to mention, there is just something about floral prints that is happy. And, when you wear florals you immediately feel happier because of it.

Today I’m going to share my new favorite floral dress and then give you some awesome inspiration for bringing even MORE floral into your wardrobe – because why not?! Miranda can be as unimpressed and she wishes, I love florals all year long.

Different ways to Style Floral Clothing | How to Wear Floral | But First, Coffee - a Connecticut lifestyle and DIY blog

Different ways to Style Floral Clothing | How to Wear Floral | But First, Coffee - a Connecticut lifestyle and DIY blog

Different ways to Style Floral Clothing | How to Wear Floral | But First, Coffee - a Connecticut lifestyle and DIY blog

This cold shoulder floral dress is from Abercrombie – and being the bargain hunter I am was bought on sale at an outlet. But, I went ahead and rounded up some similar ones below. I love so much about this dress. The cold shoulder style is so delicate and flattering.

Similar Styles

Different Ways to Wear Florals

Below I’m sharing some awesome floral-inspired look (including some of my favorite blog babes) and giving you some of my best tips for bringing floral into your wardrobe. Floral is such a versatile pattern, there are tons of ways to make it work for your style.
Different ways to Style Floral Clothing | How to Wear Floral | But First, Coffee - a Connecticut lifestyle and DIY blog

Tops or Bottoms

One of the best ways to bring floral into your wardrobe is just one piece. Instead of going full head-to-toe floral, try a floral skirt or top. Doing this allows you to bring in the pattern without getting overwhelmed by it. Floral matches surprisingly well with a lot of your favorite staples and can mix-and-match with other patterns and colors. Pair floral a dark choker and leather bootes edgy vibe like Samantha from The Samantha Show did, wear a flowy tank with a floral skirt for a fun and flirty look, or pair a flowery maxi skirt with your favorite tee for a boho chic style like Jasmine of Jasmine Maria.

Shop Tops or Bottoms


From Head to Toe

If floral is your thing then jump in head first and go head to toe floral in a maxi. You can completely embrace the floral trend this way. I’ve been seeing more and more maxi florals lately, and I’m not surprised. Look how great full floral looks! Chelsie from Hey There Chelsie is rocking a boho style in that peach floral piece with suede booties, while Amanda from Amanda Bella pulls off a more feminine and sophisticated look with a colorful floral on white. Either way you spin it, this style looks mega chic and is also mega comfortable.
Shop Head to Toe Floral

Tiny Florals

A tiny floral pattern can be a great way to wear floral in a more subtle way. Many small florals are so light and intricate from further away they could be a lot of different patterns. The small floral print is softer and more delicate.
Shop Tiny Florals


Consider bringing floral into your outfit by the way of accessories. You can wear a fun floral shoe, add a floral bag -like this adorable Kate Spade one Samantha from The Samantha Show is wearing – or through on a floral jacket or cardigan. This is an easy way to add some floral to your day without a full commitment. It quickly adds a fun, feminine, and playful touch to any outfit.
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Break it Up

A simple way to make sure your floral isn’t too much is to break it up with a jacket, vest, or cardigan. Just like Amanda from Blissful Gal has done here, the jean jacket helps to break up the floral print. Jasmine from Jasmine Maria did the same thing by adding an army green jacket to a bold floral print dress.  By adding a jacket it can make sure a bold floral pattern doesn’t overpower you. It also gives the look structure and shape.

Large Floral Print

Wearing a bold, large floral print makes a statement. It’s a bold pattern that always looks totally sophisticated. The oversized floral print seems to be showing up more and more year after year. But make sure you’re not letting the pattern wear you – look for a piece that is figure flattering and you feel confident in so you don’t feel (and look) like you’re drowning in floral fabric. For example, this romper comes with a belt that helps cinch in the waist keeping the item figure flattering.
Shop Large Floral Prints


A Different Kind of Floral

Looking for something a little different? Feeling a little “eh” about the typical florals? Try something different. Palm prints are everywhere right now and a fun way to bring a floral vibe. You can also try a more abstract floral like this cardigan Chelsie from Hey There Chelsie is rocking!
Shop Unique Florals

There you have it! I hope this post inspired you to whip out all your fav florals!

When wearing bold florals, make sure you're not letting the pattern wear you. Look for a piece that is figure flattering Click To Tweet Different ways to style your favorite floral clothing. Click To Tweet Floral print is so versatile. Wear it in a soft and feminine look or pair it with moto boots for an edgy feel! Click To Tweet

What’s your favorite way to style florals?

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