Father’s Day Gift Guide

1. Mini Waffle Maker – Who doesn’t want a mini waffle?

2. Armchair Caddy– There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch the game and realize you don’t have the remote, your snacks, your phone, and whatever other odds and ends dads need. But, the real plus is now all their stuff doesn’t end up all over your coffee table.

3. Cold Brew Coffee Maker – For the guy who loves iced coffee, this Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker has amazing reviews for making iced coffee at home.

4. Infuse Your Own Alcohol Kit – An at-home alcohol infusion kit would be fun for a guy who likes trying new cocktails.

5. “Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica” The Office Sweatshirt – Sweatshirts are bad gifts. False. The Office sweatshirts are perfect gifts. I actually shared this one during Christmas and it was one of my most-purchased items from my gift guides. I bought one for Michael!


6. Yeti Coffee Mug – I have one of these and love it. It keeps my coffee warm and the top helps when you have little feet running around (aka a toddler who spills everything).

7. Outdoor Foldable Rocking Chair – Super comfortable chair that folds up for convenience. Use it for BBQs, kid’s sporting events, etc.

8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and super durable. Great for listening to music on the go such as in the garage, at the grill, on the boat, at the beach, etc.

9. Fleece Joggers – These are Amazon Essentials brand and I have the women’s version and love them. Michael always jokes about wanting to steal my comfy joggers, so these are perfect for him to have his own pair. (The reviews suggest you size up)

10. Bro Mask – If you have a guy who secretly (or not so secretly) likes trying your skincare, maybe a set of face masks just for him so he can get that glowing skin while still being a bro.


11. Wireless Phone Charger – Keeps dad charged up, perfect for the desk or nightstand. This is the one I own and I really like it.

12. I Love Dad – A cute board book you can give to a dad with from a young kid.

13. Tile – Tile is a system for the guy who always misplaces things. Attach little bluetooth tiles to commonly lost items like your wallet and keys. Then use your phone to ring them so you never lose them again.

14. Dad Jokes Book – So bad they are good. Dad jokes to make you cringe.

15. Don’t Laugh Book – I love this as a gift from a kid because it’s actually something funny they can do WITH dad. It’s basically a joke book set up as a game where you take turns reading jokes and the other person can’t laugh.


16. Custom Renaissance Portrait – These are hilarious! I got one for my dad and he freakin’ loved it. You take your dad’s face and they insert it into a famous old-time renaissance portrait.

17. Good at Naps Blanket – these are handmade and call out what dad is REALLY best at.

18. StoryWorth, a Personal Memoir – this is a company that sends a question prompt every week for a year, then at the end creates it into a memoir and sends the hardcover book of your personal memoir. I got it for my dad for Christmas and he loves it. He’s super into doing each prompt every week. It’s going to be so neat when it’s done.

19. Tobacco Vanilla Soy Candle – Ok, Michael might kill me for telling you this but…he loves candles. When we run out he casually suggests I get more LOL. I even left one of my candles in his office one day and he started burning it on his own every day. I love these handmade ones and their scent and style is a little more masculine than Bath and Body Works.

20. Face on a Sock – These are hilarious, put your face, grandkids, pets, anything.


Michael’s Picks

I asked Michael to add in some extra ideas, and here are his picks.

Wall Bottle Opener – We had one of these in our rental house and Michael loved it for beers/sodas. When we bought our house he wanted to add one and he uses it ALL the time.

Car Detailing – Michael said getting their car detailed or waxed is a great gift idea for dads.

A special meal – Michael said one of the best things to get is jut doing something special they love on the day. He mentioned ordering pizza for lunch, making cinnamon buns in the morning for when they wake up, or cooking up a big plate of loaded nachos. He said just think about something Dad really loves to eat and surprise them with something like that.

Teva Sandals – Michael calls these his “Dad Flip Flops” because they don’t fall off but are still “trendy” and go with a lot. They perfect all-weather sandals.

Nike Killshots – These are Michael’s go-to sneakers and he always gets asked from other guys where he got them. They are pretty much the only sneakers he wears and they have held up SO well. They are over two years old and basically look brand new.

Patagonia Better Sweater Performance Fleece – Michael’s go-to zip-up. These are great quality and come in many colors. Note: They have regular and slim fit. Michael wears the slim.

Patagonia LoPro Trucker Hat – These are the hats Michael always wears and another thing other guys always ask him about.

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