What the heck do you do for a living?

Well, let me explain. I was a teacher for 4 years, it’s what I went to school for. During the summers, I started this blog and my YouTube channel as a creative outlet. I fell in love with the world of online media and in 2015 I quit teaching to pursue Internet Marketing full-time. I didn’t necessarily have a lot of experience so I took a very entry-level job at a small, local, internet marking firm. I moved up to being a manager at this company where I learned to help clients with online lead generation. When my son was born, I only went back to work 2 days a week so I could be home with him more.

By this time my blog and YouTube channel had some traction and that year I made a full-time income on this part-time hustle. So, in 2020, after multiple years of making a full-time income as an Influencer, I quit my office job to pursue this full-time. Now I blog and YouTube full-time.

Where do you live?

I live in Connecticut – we bought a house in 2019. I’ve lived in the north all my life. I spent a few years living in northern Maine and someday hope to buy a property up there.

What camera do you use?

I have a whole post about the camera equipment I use for blogging and Youtube here.

Where can I get that ___ you’re wearing? Where is your sofa from? What’s the sound machine you mentioned the other day?

You can shop everything I ever mentioned here. 

How do you stay so fit?

That’s sweet of you to ask. I like to dance while I vacuum, it’s exceptional cardio.

I also walk A LOT. We live less than a 1/2 mile from downtown so I walk to the post office, grocery store, coffee, bank, and hardware store. I pretty much walk every day. I also wrote a post all about my diet, if that helps.

Did you sleep train?

I have two posts alllllll about the baby sleep stuff. Here’s a post about everything sleep for my firstborn (focuses on the first year of life). And, here’s the post for baby two, which focuses on the first 4 months.

Advice for a new parent?!

Everything is temporary. The good stuff and the bad. When you’re in the thick of those hard newborn days remember it’s just a phase. It’ll pass VERY soon. The hard stuff will pass — but SO will the good stuff. Soon you’ll be able to shower again and eat an actual meal, but soon those gummy milk-drunk smiles and newborn snuggles will disappear too.

Can I send you my ____ to review?

I don’t write dedicated product reviews. If you’d like me to try out a product or hear my opinion on a product by other means, you can reach out to my PR via email at kallie@select.co

Do you accept guest posts?

But First, Coffee is curated by yours truly. I don’t currently accept guest posts on my blog.

Will you be an affiliate for my product?

My website does contain affiliate links. However, I don’t typically don’t accept affiliate sales unless it’s part of a bigger campaign or for a product, I already use myself and love. To learn more, email my team at kallie@select.co

How do I contact you?

Any way you please. DM at @kallie_branciforte or email me at butfirstcoffeeblog@gmail.com – for brands, please email my team at kallie@select.co

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