Everyday Beauty Routine as a New Mom

Today I’m sharing my everyday makeup routine as a new mom. Since Miles has arrived, time is DEFINITELY limited. But, I try to find 10-15 minutes in my morning to “get ready.” Taking just a few minutes to throw on a little makeup and do my hair just makes me feel immediately more human. I’m more productive and motivated as well. (But trust me, there are plenty of mornings I don’t even brush my teeth until noon and never change out of the clothes I was wearing to sleep in.)

A lot of you have been asking for me to share my “mom” beauty routine since Miles arrived, so today I wanted to tackle that. I’m sharing the step-by-step on my Instagram (it’ll be shared under my highlights). Below are the products I used and some extra notes about everything.

Finding Time

The first thing I want to tackle is finding time to “get ready.” This is something a lot of you have asked about. Being a new mom, the fleeting moments of free time are few and far between. You have to decide for yourself what you want to do with those free moments during naps. Like I mentioned above, having a little time to put myself together honestly helps me to feel more human and more motivated and it directly impacts how productive I am. Because of this, I use some of my precious free moments to get ready.

I typically use Miles’ morning nap to get ready. He naps anywhere from 20 minutes to 120 minutes (which is a pretty typical span for a guy his age). If he doesn’t nap, it might mean I just don’t have time to get ready. Or, I’ll wait for his second nap of the day or I’ll pop him in his carrier (we love this one) and wear him while I get ready. You have to be flexible and work around their schedules.

Below I’m sharing the products I use, but check out my Instagram Story Highlights and find the “Daily Makeup” highlight on my profile to watch the step-by-step.


I love Paula’s Choice skincare. I use the Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid. It’s a liquid exfoliant and helps remove dead skin cells and smooth my skin. This is great for the mornings because it cleanses the face for makeup. But I use it twice a day. I notice my skin is overall more smooth when I use it.

My favorite lotion is the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. It’s ultra moisturizing but lightweight at the same time. Even when my skin is super dry is helps hydrate it. I’ve tried A LOT of moisturizers but always come back to this one.


I have been hooked on It Cosmetics CC+ Cream for a while now. It comes in three varieties (original, illuminating, and oil-free.) Currently, I love the oil-free one because it’s a little more lightweight than the other ones. The original one can feel a little heavier, but this one doesn’t feel that way at all. So, if you haven’t used the CC+ cream because you didn’t like the feeling, you might like this oil-free one!

One of my other must-haves is the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I don’t actually use this as a concealer but more as an under eye brightener. I use the lightest shade and layer it over my under eye concealer (currently using this under eye concealer) to brighten that area. It gives my face an immediate brightened look – and hides the fact that I don’t get the hours of sleep I used to!

I only powder areas of my face I used concealer because I don’t want to look too dry or cakey. Because of this, I use the Urban Decay Setting Spray all over my face to set everything first, then I just powder select areas. My favorite setting powder is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder. It’s so super fine that it never settles into lines or wrinkles and sets your makeup beautifully. Plus, it doesn’t add any color to your skin. Even setting powders that claim to be “transparent” often change the color of my makeup and that drives me crazy. This product comes in loose and pressed powder. I honestly like both a lot but I’m currently I’m using the pressed one.


I’m hooked on the SeneGence ShadowSense if you want a super long lasting eyeshadow. To shop the SeneGence products I used, follow @themoderntulip and DM her to get started! She’s super amazing, you’re going to love her.  And, since she’s my pal you can use KALLIE10 to get 10% off your order!! I use the color Mocha Java Shimmer on my eyes. I also love their LipSense products as well. These lip products literally stay on your lips ALL DAY LONG. I’m wearing the color Praline Rose in these photos.

For eyeliner, I’m a liquid liner girl. I keep trying pencils and powders but nothing gives me the look and long-lasting wear I want like liquid liner does. Right now I love the new liquid liner from L’Oreal. This stuff is super easy to use and lasts FOREVER. For real, I had this stuff on when I went into labor and it was still on the next day! My mom actually asked me if I had time to put on makeup! I just add a thin line to my top lash line. It’s amazing what a little black line can do but it does wonders to open my eyes up and make me look more awake!

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