Dollar Trees Top Rated Items For Summer

dollar tree summer items

Today I am really excited. I am going to be sharing what I think are some of the best Dollar Tree finds for summer. I also just spent a ton of time on reading different reviews. So I am going to be sharing with you the best of the best, the top-rated summer products from the Dollar Tree. 

In The Garden Section

Larger Potters

planter from dollar tree

These come in tons of varieties all will all 5 star reviews on

Literally best bang for buck. These can be really expensive at other stores. 

Don’t have drain holes which I actually like because I can use them indoors but they do have little perforated holes which you can pop out with a screwdriver. This allows you  to easily make drain holes if you want to use them outdoors. 

Flexible Twist Ties

The Dollar Tree sells two varieties of these both with 5 star reviews. These are amazing for using in the garden obviously to stabilize plants. But honestly there are SO MANY uses for this stuff. They are like the zipties from the Dollar Tree, you’ll just find endless uses for them. 

You can cut a piece to keep an electrical cord in place, use it for crafting, making wreaths, and floral arrangements. I literally just used some the other day to repair one of my son’s tractor toys that broke. They are just so good to have around and have endless uses. 

Citronella Sticks 

I believe this is a new product at Dollar Tree. These already have tons of glowing reviews on which is amazing. And everyone saying how amazing they kept away the bugs! I haven’t actually tried these yet, but I think these are such a great idea! Plus, I think these will be a much safer option for having around kids than those citronella tiki torches or candles. 

For BBQ And Grilling

Plastic Tumblers

I’ve always been really happy with the drinkware from Dollar Tree. Right now they have super cute summer themed tumbles and drinkware that are great for picnics and barbeques. 

BBQ Spatula

All the BBQ utensils have awesome reviews on  Everyone talks about how great they worked on their grill for $1. It was perfect. I actually needed some tools myself so I picked them up and feel like they are super great quality.

grill brush from dollar tree

Metal BBQ Skewers

Dollar Tree has bamboo skewers which are about the same price as the grocery store. 

However, they also have metal ones which, if you can find them, grab them. They had  5 star reviews. I like the wood ones, but my husband and I maybe go through 6 each time we eat. It would take me literally YEARS to use 100 skewers and they just bog down my kitchen. I love this set of12. It’s the perfect amount.

Paper Plate Holder

I love these because you basically just pop the paper plate in the holder and make your plate a lot more sturdy. Now they can hold all your food and they won’t blow away!

Burger Patty Press

I had to get it. It has great reviews on Everyone was agreeing it works WAY better than metal ones. There is even one person who literally wrote a paragraph review. Like you gotta really like something to write that much. My husband likes thin patties and this is perfect for that. He really wanted me to try it out so I did and it worked great! Something that I never knew I needed. 

Kids + Beach Section


ALL things bubbles are a hit at the DT. I found some extra-large bottles which are awesome for filling up my son’s bubble toys. They also have the no-spill bubble tumblers great for toddlers. And they have other bubble toys. 

One thing with great reviews is this bubble tray with the big bubble wand. 

bubble wand from dollar tree

Super Soaker Jet Things 

DT has multiple types of these super soakers. They are super easy to use and great for young kids. No sense in spending more than a dollar when they are just as fun for them as the expensive ones. 


sandals from dollar tree

DT does have flip flops but in general, the reviews are pretty mixed, however, they also sell these slide shoes which only have glowing reviews. Sure they aren’t all that special to look at but they are perfect is you need a simple pair of shoes for going to the pool, taking the dog out, or using them for the shower at the gym. These are honestly really great and super comfy.

Car Wash

Car Wash Soap

Really great and has awesome reviews


Great and durable sponge that’s perfect for washing your car or anything else!

Microfiber Cloths

microfiber cloth from dollar tree

These are obviously great for washing your car but microfiber cloths can be used for cleaning literally everything and the ones found in the car section are better than the ones you can find in the cleaning section at Dollar Tree. 

Handy Shammy

If you find these at your Dollar Tree, be sure to grab them. They are used for drying your car. They have great reviews on and on Amazon. They are almost 8 bucks for a 3 pack on Amazon so they are a really good deal if you can score one at Dollar Tree. 

Random Last Minute Item To Add

Solar Lights

The DT solar lights are always a winner every summer. You can do so much with them too. What I love about them is they come with a steak that can be removed. So you can go ahead and pop them into the ground and you’re good to go, or you can pop off the steak and use them in a cute glass jar as fun lights on your patio. 

Those are some of the best Dollar Tree products you can get for summer! Let me know what your favorite Dollar Tree products are for summer. 

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