Dollar Tree Fall Secrets That You Need To Know

If you want to capitalize on Fall at the Dollar Tree it’s best to do it early. The first wave of fall stuff has already hit the Dollar Tree so today I’m going to be sharing with you some of the best tips, tricks, and secrets for making the most of fall at Dollar Tree. I’ll be outlining some of the best things you should be picking up from Dollar Tree this fall. 

dollar tree fall secrets that you ned to know

Call Around

Here’s the thing, not all Dollar Tree’s get all the same stuff all at once. I find fall stuff starts hitting in July at some Dollar Tree’s, many get lots by early August but some REALLY LAG. My closest Dollar Tree still had NOTHING except a few pumpkin floral picks by August 1, but I called around to a few of my other surrounding ones and another Dollar Tree just 10 minutes further had already gotten ALL the fall decor in. And, the thing with Dollar Tree seasonal stuff is it can go fast, especially the really new and best things, so really it’s best to try to get it when it first starts hitting shelves. 

Seasonal Shipments Come In Waves

Typically Dollar Tree doesn’t get just one wave of fall stuff. The stuff that comes out first is sort of the fall preview and another wave comes closer to actual fall. Even if you miss the first wave or you get there and miss it and it’s all picked over, it doesn’t mean all is lost! There will be another wave. But it is good to know what you want to keep your eye out for, so stay tuned and I’ll be sharing the TOP finds for 2021.

Fall Floral Tips

fall florals from dollar tree

Guys, Dollar Tree has seriously KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK this year with their fall floral. There is SO much to choose from and the variety and sizing are really impressive. Sometimes I find the floral picks at Dollar Tree small, specifically the springtime stuff, you get like 1 flower, but these floral picks this year are pretty generous. And there is so much variety. There were TONS of floral picks with pumpkins and other super unique and cute options.

I did some price comparison at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and a few online retailers and honestly, even at their sale prices, they couldn’t compete with Dollar Tree for almost identical picks. Now, from places like Michaels some of their picks are bigger and more plentiful, BUT they are also 4, 6, or even 8 times more than the Dollar Tree and often they aren’t 4, 6, or 8 times as big, so really not that amazing of a deal.

My little trick is I like using Dollar Tree’s standard floral picks for all my fillers for wreaths and decor, but then maybe I get 2-3 bigger more ornate ones from Michaels or elsewhere, as sort of the statement piece. In my opinion, if you get the filler pieces at places other than Dollar Tree you’re going to spend way more for the same look.

The Power Of Paint

Dollar Tree has a ton of pumpkins, but year after year they come out with these styrofoam ones that in general are pretty bright neon. It’s like a Halloween, in your face orange, so you might not really consider them for fall decor, but never underestimate a little paint! By simply painting those neon orange pumkins in a more muted orange, or color of your choice, you can immediately make them home decor worthy.

Another Pumpkin Hack

diy fall pumpkins from dollar tree

Dollar Tree has TONS of pumpkin decor and I find the one thing that makes a lot of these feel cheaper, and like obviously a dollar, is the plastic stems. The brown and black plastic just kinda makes them look less high end so a super simple trick is to use a metallic marker to make the stems gold or bronze. It immediately makes the pumpkin decor look more upscale!

Make Your Own Candles

dollar tree diy fall candle

If you find a really cute fall votive from Dollar Tree you can actually make it into a really cute fall candle instead of just putting a tea light in it. 

All you need are the big large pillar candles from Dollar Tree. Then melt the wax from that candle by putting it in a pot of hot water. Once the wax is melted you can pour that into the cute fall votive and now you have a super cute fall candle!

Is Dollar Tree Ribbon A Good Deal?

dollar tree fall ribbon

Dollar Tree gets adorable seasonal ribbons for fall, but as we all know the spools are smaller than you might get elsewhere, so are they really a good deal? Well, I have price compared a few places and they are. 

Personally, one of my go-to for ribbons is Michaels Craft Store. Their ribbon is almost always on sale and you can usually get a 50% off coupon. I found a spool of ribbon almost identical to some new fall Dollar Tree ribbon and full price it’s 40 cents per foot, it’s currently on sale making it 28 cents per foot, and even if I happened to get it for 50% off, it’d still be 20 cents a foot which in contrast to the Dollar Tree ones, you’re getting them for 11 cents per foot. SO if you see seasonal ribbon you like at Dollar Tree DEFINITELY stock right up because it’s a steal.

The same goes for the Leaf Garland at Dollar Tree compared to other stores. 

$1 Halloween Decor to DIY Fall Decor

dollar tree diy fall decor

My next hack is to not skip over the Halloween stuff. Personally, I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween, so usually, I might skip this section over. But what I have discovered is that you can find some great items that you can DIY with for fall since they have the same pumpkin shapes. 

For example, I picked up some Halloween pumpkin decorations and was able to turn them into these cute neutral pumpkins, perfect for fall decor. You can watch how I did this by watching this section of my Dollar Tree Secrets video. 

Shop Online

Now keep in mind most of the seasonal stuff on Dollar Tree online you gotta get in bulk for fall, but if you’re looking for things like floral picks and so on, you may need a lot of them, so it would totally work.

Also, Dollar Tree always brings out dinnerware for every season, this year they have “Grateful Plates” that are new this year. Usually, their dinner wear comes in smaller quantities so you can get just 6 of these and I love that for $6 you can grab a cute set of seasonal plates!

Great Finds For Fall 2021

I found a lot of really great things at Dollar Tree for fall this year. Watch my Dollar Tree Fall Secrets Video to see all my awesome finds for yourself. 

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