DIY Watercolor Ombre Throw Pillows

DIY Watercolor Ombre Throw Pillows | Connecticut DIY Blog

Time for another Buy or D.I.Y. These watercolor-inspired ombre throw pillows are a fun and colorful way to give your sofa a little facelift for the summer. I personally adore the watercolor look, and you can have so much fun playing with different colors and patterns with this project.

I found similar watercolor throw pillows online with the same painted look for $40 or more. These pillows are also so simple to make and you can make each one for less than $11 each. If you’re making a handful you could make them for even less than that. I picked up these pillowcases for $7 each and I used old pillow forms from some old, ugly throw pillows I bought years ago. This was the perfect way to bring new life to them!

What you’ll need:

You’ll need Rit dye in the colors you want to use. I went for navy, teal, and magenta. You’ll also need plain white pillowcases (or whatever fabric you’re painting), plastic wrap, and a sponge paintbrush.

You’ll also need plain white pillowcases (or whatever fabric you’re painting), plastic wrap, and a sponge paintbrush.

How to Make Watercolor Ombre Throw Pillows

1. Soak the fabric you’re planning to dye in warm water.

2. Prepare your dye by combining equal parts of dye and water.

3. Prepare your space by covering the table in newspaper or plastic to protect your table. Then, lay down a layer of plastic wrap.

4. Remove the fabric from the water and ring out the excess water. The more water you keep the more faded the paint will be. Place it down on the plastic wrap.

5. Using the dye and paintbrush, paint the fabric.

6. Cover the fabric completely in plastic wrap and fold it up into a square. Microwave it for 30 seconds. Check that the plastic wrap isn’t melting and then microwave it again for another 30 seconds.

7. Rinse in cold water. Then machine wash cold and air dry.

8. That’s it! You’re done!

The most important thing is even Austin loves the pillows, which means…they stay. I mean, just look at how pleased he looks with them?

Any questions? Just let me know in the questions down below!

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