DIY Tassel Garland


Want to know what makes everything better?



Yea, but that’s beside the point.  Want to know what ELSE makes everything better? Cute garland.  Listen, it’s just a fact of life. I hung some in my office the other day and it’s instantly already happier in there.

Luckily, you can make this crazy adorable tissue paper tassel garland with less than a pack of tissue paper and about 20 minutes. Seriously stupid easy.

Just let me warn you though, you’ll want to hang this everywhere. It’s already in 3 rooms of my house and I’m not sorry about it.


  1. Start with one piece of tissue paper. You can make FOUR tassels from each single piece of tissue paper.
  2. Fold it length-wise, or as many of us like to say, “hotdog” way.
  3. Next fold it width-wise- or you know “hamburger” way – twice.
  4. Cut up your tassels from the non-folded bottom (leaving about 2 inches at the top uncut)
  5. Open length-wise and cut into 4 equal pieces.
  6. Open one of these pieces and then fold in half, hotdog style.
  7. Twist the uncut center area nice and tight.
  8. Twist that into a circle and twist it tight to secure.  Some tissue papers may require a little glue to hold, depending on their texture.  The paper I used held on its own.
  9. You’re done! String onto a long, thin string (tying at equal intervals) and go ahead, hang it everywhere.



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