diy fall wreaths

DIY Fall Wreaths From Dollar Tree

Fall DIYing from the Dollar Tree has started for 2021. I’ve been very busy doing DIY crafting for the fall season and wanted to kick it off with fall wreaths! I’ve come up with many variations of fall wreath DIYs you can do using $1 Dollar Tree products that look WAY more high end than a dollar!

I also offered some new unique ideas, so it’s not just your run-of-the-mill, standard fall wreath ideas! There are also some new ideas for fall 2021 so you can really have a lot of fun with these $1 wreath diys! I really love how all of these DIY fall wreaths turned out!

To see how I made each of these wreaths watch my High-End Dollar Tree Wreath DIYs video!

dollar tree diy fall wreaths

I hope you enjoy all of these fall wreaths. If you see something you like scroll to the bottom to find all of the timestamps for the video. That way you can watch the tutorial for the exact wreath that you would like to replicate. Don’t forget to add your own spin and make it your own!

Ombre Rainbow Leaf Wreath

diy fall wreaths dollar tree ombre

Hello Ping Pong DIY Fall Wreath

diy fall wreaths dollar tree

Woven Stick Birdhouse Wreath

diy fall wreaths birdhouse wreath

Rustic Twine Wreath

diy fall wreaths rustic twine

Boho Welcome Wreath

diy boho wreath

Ombre Pumpkin DIY Fall Wreath

diy fall pumpkin front door wreath

Halloween Rose Wreath

diy dollar tree halloween wreath

Time Stamps

  • Ombre Rainbow Leaf Wreath 0:51
  • Hello Ping Pong Wreath 2:41
  • Woven Stick Birdhouse Wreath 4:17
  • Rustic Twine Wreath 5:03
  • Boho Welcome Wreath 6:28
  • Ombre Pumpkin Wreath 7:28
  • Halloween Rose Wreath 8:17

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