DIY Dinosaur Planter

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

My Pinterest browsing got me again, and I decided pretty soon into moving into our new place that my guest bathroom HAD to have a dinosaur planter. I mean, obviously. Priorities, right?

Now, you may remember me discussing how I can’t keep plants alive and so you may be thinking, “Kallie, what are you doing?” But I’ve been informed that air plants – which is what we’ll use in this DIY – are supposed to be exceptionally easy to keep alive. We will see about that because when I purchased my air plants the woman at the florist sent me home with a care sheet which immediately makes me think that a.) these are not as easy to keep alive as people are promising me or b.) she could tell I was a serial plant killer.

Fate of my new air plants to be determined, I was successful in creating my own DIY Dinosaur Planter and it was super easy.  I’m very excited to show you how simple it was!

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

What you’ll need:

  • Gold (or color of your choice) spray paint
  • Dinosaur (or animal of your choice) figurine, hollow*
  • Air plants
  • Sharp knife or scissors

*Your figurine can be anything in the shape of the animal you want to create, it just needs to be hollow. Originally I planned to just get plastic animal figurines but had trouble finding the hollow ones. I found this paper Dinosaur and figured he was just right. However, if you want more selection on animals and types the traditional plastic animals are your best bet, just make sure they are hollow.

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

How to Make a D.I.Y Dinosaur Planter

1. Using a knife or sharp pair of scissors, cut a hold in the back of the animal. This is why the animal being hollow is key. If you got a plastic animal, you’d even want it to be a sort of “cheap” version so it’s not as thick and easier to cut. Otherwise, you’d have to involve power tools.

2. In a well-ventilated area, spray away. Cover the entire figure in spray paint and leave to dry.

3. Pop an air plant or two into your figurine. Now, you’re done! It’s seriously that easy.

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

Air plants are the best for this project because, if you didn’t know, they don’t need soil to live. They literally just grow in the air. Because of this you can just put them into your figurine and go! Every 2 weeks or so you have to let them soak in water for an hour or two, but besides that, they are happy little campers sitting in a dry, dinosaur figurine.

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

DIY Dinosaur Planter | Air Plant Holder

DIY Dinosaur Planter | How to Make an Animal Planter

How to Make a DIY Dinosaur Plante

I’m quite certain this will not be my only animal planter D.I.Y. I just think they are too cute and fun. I also think it’d be fun to do some in bright colors like hot pink and teal! We shall see what I’ll whip up next. For now, this little guy is our guest bathroom’s mascot. I feel inclined to name him. Any suggestions?

If you re-create this, don’t forget to share with me using #butfirstcoffeeDIY

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