DIY Candle Lantern From the Dollar Tree + 5 other cozy, affordable DIYs

That snuggle up on your sofa, wear cozy socks, drink copious amounts of hot chocolate season is just around the corner here in Connecticut.

I wish I could say I was one of those people who updated my house for every season. I just don’t have that patience nor are my attic organizational skills that good. As much as I swoon when people update their home for each season, the extent of my “fall decorating” this year was putting a pumpkin on my front step. So, yea…I have some room for improvement.

That being said, I do find myself making some small adjustments as Christmas draws near – the only holiday I even attempt to decorate for. Plus, a lot of Christmas decor is wintery enough that it can stick around until February (or so I tell myself.) With that season approaching, I thought I’d share some super affordable and cozy DIYs you can do to make your home feel cozier. These are super simple DIYs, plus mega affordable.

DIY Candle Lantern From the Dollar Tree + 5 other cozy, affordable DIYs

We’ll focus on this super simple DIY Candle Lantern you can make using products from your Dollar Tree or local dollar store, and then I’ll round up some other awesome cozy DIYs below.

What you’ll need to make the lantern:
4 or 5 picture frames from the Dollar Tree
Hot Glue
E600 (optional)
Spray paint (optional)
Candles from the Dollar Tree

DIY Candle Lantern From the Dollar Tree | How to Make a DIY Picture Frame Lantern

How to Create a DIY Picture Frame Lantern From the Dollar Tree

1. Start by removing the backs of all your picture frames. If you’re planning to spray paint your lantern another color, remove the glass as well.

2. Using hot glue, glue all four frames together to form a cube with the frames forming all 4 sides.
Optional: I also use E600 when gluing my frames together to ensure a longer wear. The hot glue will help it hold together quickly, but the E600 will give a strong, long-lasting hold. E600 takes longer to dry (up to 24 hours) so the hot glue helps it hold in place while it dries.

3. Use a 5th frame to create a bottom for the lantern (optional)

4. If you’re changing the color of the lantern, take it outside or to a well-ventilated area and spray away! Here’s my favorite metallic spray paint to use.

5. Replace the glass and you’re done! Pop some candles inside (real or fake) and it’s complete.

DIY Candle Lantern From Picture Frames

You can also fill these with lanterns with other fun things. I made one full of Christmas lights that works like a festive nightlight – honestly makes our living room feel SO fun at night when it’s lit up. You could also fill them with other seasonal items, plants, succulents, and more!

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Even More Cozy Dollar Tree DIYs? – Watch the full video to see them all!

In this video I share how to make more than just the Dollar Tree lanterns, learn how to make an AWESOME rope basket, a silver serving tray, a craft paper wall hanging, and more…all using products from the Dollar Tree!

Which cozy DIYs are your favorite? And what are your favorite ways to cozy-up your house? I think having tons of blankets thrown everywhere is one of my go-to’s this time of year. That, and ALL THE CANDLES!

Total side note about candles…I deviated from my usual Bath and Body Works candle shopping and went elsewhere to another major candle provider… I won’t say exactly where but you can probably make a good guess. Either way, their candles don’t hold a flame to the Bath and Body Works candles (pun intended.) WOW I won’t be making that mistake again! Where’s your favorite place to get candles, and what’s your favorite scent?

Cozy DIYs from the Dollar Tree

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