DIY Advent Calendar (for couples)


Guys. Guys. Guys….. Christmas season officially beings in t-minus 2 days. Excuse me while I freak out.

I learned an important fact about my husband this past weekend which was that he never did advent calendars as a child. Enter me obsessing over this fact and insisting we get one. I figured it would be fun to do one that we both could enjoy. That opened a big can of worms about creating a DIY advent calendar and, well, here we are. Michael I put together our own DIY Advent Calendar for each other.


How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar

Essentially, you can get pretty creative. All you need is 25 “holders.” You could use mini gift boxes, tiny gift bags, favor satchels, etc. I opted for mini brown paper bags (get some here). Then you’ll want to display them. If you were doing boxes you could stack them on a table or glue them all together. Using small bags like we did makes it mega simple as you can just string them up with little clothespins. I even got super festive and strung them into a Christmas tree shape because I’m clearly extremely crafty.

If you’re doing this for a loved one or your kids, you can fill up the bags with whatever you want. Candies, chocolates, little toys, etc.

Now, Michael and I wanted to make it a “couples” advent calendar because we’re newlyweds and that’s what newlyweds do. So, here’s how a Couples Advent Calendar works. My days are odd and Michael’s days are even. I’ve picked up 12 little gifts for him and he’s picked up 12 mini gifts for me, and we each filled up each other’s bags!

diy-advent-calendar-christmas diy-advent-calendar-couples


christmas-mug christmas-mugs

Ideas for what to put in your advent calendar:

Individually wrapped candies or chocolates
Travel hand creams
Travel makeup items
Nail polish
Nip of the person’s favorite liquor
$5 gift cards
USB cords/extra phone charger
Card Games

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY. I’m kind of super pumped that we’re doing it this year. It’s like a little goodie every single day!

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