Deep thoughts on leggings as pants



leggings as pants



leggings as pants

sherpa vest

What am I wearing:
Top // Hollister (similar)        Vest // Target
Leggings // Abercrombie & Fitch             Boots // Guess Halsey Riding Boot
Necklaces // Pop Basic and BaubleBar (similar)

Listen, I do it.

That’s right….I wear leggings as pants. And want to know what? I’m not even sorry about it.

When it’s cold, and rainy, and wet and you have to go out and really don’t want to, leggings-as-pants be like “I got chu boo.” And you’re like “aw, thanks leggings-as-pants, you’re such good friend.”

Sure, I have a few leggings as pants rules, they should be properly thick enough (no see through leggings up in here) and you probably want to consider a top that’s at least a tad bit longer in the back to give your booty a little coverage. But really, I’m not going to try to justify my choice, leggings are gosh darn comfortable and if you’re learning anything about my fashion here at BFC it’s that comfort rules.

So here’s 10 reasons I wear leggings as pants and don’t give a damn about it:

  1. You can eat anything you want and not feel bad about it (or have to unbutton that top button)
  2. Full range of motion in case you want to do any karate.
  3. If Beyonce, T-Swift and Blake Lively can do it, then you can too.
  4. When you get home, you don’t have to worry about “changing into something more comfy”
  5. Some people will assume you’re super athletic and just came from the gym.
  6. If you wanted, you could comfortably take a nap, wake up, and still be dressed for the day.
  7. Two words: Fleece lined. Case and point
  8. They don’t have any buttons or zippers to fuss with.
  9. You can literally wear them with boots, flats, heels, fuzzy slippers… they are down for anything.

So, what do you guys think? Have you worn leggings out in public as pants or are you secretly judging me right now?

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