Decorating “this old house”


So, I live in an old house.

Like, a real old house.

Like, before the United States of America was the United States of America … my house was here.

You learn to love an old house like this. It has quirks that are both charming and, well, quirky. I have learned to love almost of these quirks. The house has been loved for so (SO) many years that sometimes, as weird as it sounds, I can almost feel it.

But when it comes to decorating my old house, I’m definitely struggling. I’m slowly figuring out house to incorporate my own style into a house that already has it’s own style.  A big hurdle I’m currently tackling is the nook in our living space.  It’s still a big work in progress, but we’re making headway.

This particular ares has A LOT of wood.  Pine wood doors, wood paneling walls, wood floors, wood ceilings, wood built in shelves…I think you get the drift.  My style is definitely not “log cabin chic” so I’m, little by little, trying to introduce my own home style in.


I decided to START to tackle this area by adding some great artwork.  I figured it’d help mute the immense amount of wood and add some fun and color into the space.  Luckily, just about the same time, reached out to me about their products. One of my absolute favorite perks about being a blogger is always being introduced to new and innovative companies that are doing great things.

Minted is a community of independent artists. They source creative content from these artists, then sell the best content. Each of the pieces I picked from Minted came with a print number and proof of authenticity. In short, artists from all over the world have their work on Minted so you’re getting unique art from independent creators.



I chose 4 pieces from Minted to add to some artwork I already had.  I picked pieces that had meaning to me, or that I found to be beautiful.

Picking artwork can be hard, but I try to follow this basic rule of thumb: choose something you find beautiful or find meaningful.  This way your house ends up full of things that reflect your personal style because they are things you find pretty or reflect aspects of your life. This is what I think helps make your house into a home.



So, the walls are still wood, and the floor is still wood, and the ceiling and the bookshelves and the… yeah, you follow.  But, luckily with some new wall swag, this corner is finally starting to come together.

And, well, when in doubt, a margarita can always help to brighten up any spot, too.


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