Current Beauty Products That I Can’t Get Enough Of

A quick look at some current beauty products I can’t get enough of!

Microdermamitt: I’ve talked about these exfoliating mitts so much but they are just too good. You pop them over your hand and can exfoliate in the shower. They are hands down the best shower skin exfoliator I’ve used. Most scrubs are messy and wash off before you can even finish exfoliating. These are SO easy for everyday exfoliation, I’m so hooked. I use the body one 1x a week and, especially in the summer, it’s amazing how much dry skin it buffs away! Even Michael comments on how my skin is “so soft” after I use it! I use the face one 2-3x a week. It’s a little more gentle and is so much easier and more effective than other scrub-based exfoliators.

Dime Beauty Patch: OK I’ve tried these and the coveted Mighty Patch and they have NOTHING on these Dime ones. The Dime ones are so much better. Pop them on any blemish and the next day it’s smaller. These have saved me from so many breakouts turning into something bigger.

Dashing Diva Nail Wraps: This sounds a little dramatic but these have CHANGED.MY.LIFE. With my busy life mommin’ and running my business, I’m lucky if nail polish lasts more than 2 days before chipping. And, I just don’t have the time to keep up with nail appointments right now. These wraps go on easily and last welllllll over a week with no chipping. They look just as good on day 7 as they did on day 1! You could wear them even longer than a week, usually I go around 9-10 days. They come in tons of colors and patterns.

Barrel Crimper: I haven’t found a hair tool I love this much since my Revlon One Step. It gives such a fun beachy wavey look! And, best yet, my hair actually holds the crimp! If I curl my hair it’s usually flat by bedtime and there’s zero sign of any curl by the next morning. This crimper lasts ALL day and still is intact the next day. Such an easy tool for a more textured, beachy look.

bareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Gel: My current go-to tinted moisturizer! I love how easy this stuff is. It contains moisturizer, skin tint, SPF 30, and Hyaluronic Acid so gives you a super dewy, moisturized look with a little bit of tint. just give a little blur to your face but literally looks like there is NOTHING on your skin.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara: Another product I’ve shared a bunch, but I just have yet to find a better mascara, especially at the price point! Gives me amazing full lashes every time and is super buildable.

L’Oreal 8H Gloss: Kinda bought this product on accident but have been loving it. Wears like a tinted lipgloss so not too intense of color, and then just fades super naturally. I love it for long days when you know a lipstick might not last the WHOLE day or you won’t be able to touch up. Or you just want a little pop of color for the day.

totally unedited photo to show the Covergirl foundation and Honest powder in action.

COVERGIRL+OLAY Simply Ageless Foundation: I’m pretty sure this foundation has been around forever but I just rediscovered it and wow, it’s so nice. It feels very light on your face and is super natural-looking. It’s buildable so just do a little or build up more. And it sets more demi-matte so it’s not too tacky and doesn’t settle into fine lines around my eyes.

Honest Blurring Powder: Lightweight translucent powder that helps to blur and set. I like this because it feels like it sets everything without adding any cakey look or settling into lines. My current favorite go-to loose powder.

Makeup Brush Cleaner: This is one of those life-changing products, for real. I HATE washing my brushes, this makes it 10000x easier. You literally just pour a little onto a cup or dish and dip the brush and swirl a bit. Then wipe away on a paper towel. THAT IS IT. No rinsing, no drying. It’ll BLOW YOUR MIND the first time you use it.

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