Confession Session – Wedding Edition

Just a little forewarning that this week’s posts are panning out to be all about the wedding – #sorrynotsorry (but kinda a little sorry)

I thought it was about time for a confession session and thought I’d share my wedding planning confessions with you.

1. I didn’t LOVE wedding dress shopping.

Listen, it’s not that I hated it by any means, but I imagined it to be a lot more fairy-tale-ish than it was. Instead, I was mostly left feeling overwhelmed that they didn’t have any dress close to what I wanted. Plus, after about the 5th one, it gets a little exhausting to keep taking all your clothes off and shimmying into dresses.

2. I bought personalized napkins.

Like, guys, what the heck do we need personalized napkins for…? Really? But, in my defense, they were $13, so I won’t lose sleep over it.

3. We went over-budget.

Sticking within a budget (especially a conservative one like we tried for) is just as hard as they tell you it is. Even with DIY’s and cutting back things, we decided mid-planning some things were worth spending the extra money on.

4. Our house is FULL of boxes.

There is an entire breezeway in our house you cannot use because it’s stacked tall with boxes: bridesmaid gifts, favors, serving wear, etc.

5. I’ve been an “undecided” bride.

I can’t even tell you how many questions I’ve said, “I don’t know,” or “whatever you think,” to. I never pictured myself as an over-the-top bride by any means, but I’m surprised by how much of a “whatever happens happens” kind of attitude I’ve had about the entire thing.

6. I’ve learned how obsessed with my dogs I am.

I’m embarrassed by how many people have asked if my dogs are going to be in the wedding – that’s just a sure sign I’m utterly obsessed with my dogs. The answer is no, because they would totally steal the show.

There you have it, my wedding planning confessions. If you are getting married or have gotten married- tell me your confessions from planning in the comments (so I don’t feel so alone)

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