Champagne & Vinegar?


Vinegar isn’t likely an ingredient you think to mix with champagne. In fact, it’s probably not an ingredient you think about when it comes to cocktails in general. But, it’s actually an awesome, best-kept-secret to whip up a unique drink.

Tart drinks seem to be on the rise with more and more people reaching for drinks like kombucha. By combining vinegar with a little sugar and fruit, you can create something called “shrub,” a drinking vinegar. Most shrubs involve using the vinegar to preserve fruit – which takes a bit more time and patience. So, for my recipe, we’re going to speed up the process by creating a syrup. We’ll create the syrup by reducing vinegar with blackberries and sugar on the stove top. Then I decided to pair this with champagne. Just because the New Year’s is over does NOT mean we have to put away the bubbly.

Vinegar and Champagne Cocktail

1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
20 ripe blackberries
1 teaspoon sugar


Step One:

Start by combining the vinegar and blackberries on a stove top over medium heat. When the vinegar starts to bubble, reduce the heat and add the sugar. Using a fork, break up the berries. Let this continue to simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the vinegar has reduced in size about 1/2.

Step Two:

Using a mesh strainer, strain the vinegar and blackberry syrup to remove all seeds and pulp.



Step Three:

Add about 2 teaspoons of syrup to a glass and top with champagne. Viola! It’s just that easy! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

This drink is tart and bubbly and just the right bit of sweet. It feels quirky but also decadent (because, it is champagne after all!)




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