Buy Or DIY: Anthropologie Throw Pillow

I love perusing Anthropologie for home decor, but honestly can never get myself to pull out my wallet for their pricy items. Instead, I like to browse to get inspiration and then find ways to recreate it for more affordable. With a little bit of time, you can often recreate a lot of the Anthropologie styles for a lot more affordable. In today’s post we’ll take another stab at Buy or DIY because I’m going to show you how to recreate their Nadia Tasseled Pillow for a fraction of the price.

I also recreated two of their baskets as well as their Paradiso mirror in this week’s video, which I’ll post below if you want to see those as well.

I was able to recreate the Nadia Tassel Pillow which retailed for $78 for only $18 in supplies. Here’s what you’ll need to create this pillow.


    • 1 Rectangle Pillow Form
    • Black Yarn
    • Black Fabric Paint
    • 1 yard of white linen

How to DIY The Nadia Tassel Pillow

Step One & Two (optional): You need a pillow form which you certainly can buy full price but they can be pricey. I suggest checking your local Goodwill and thrift stores instead. They often have old pillows that aren’t all that pretty (old out-dated fabrics) but the pillow form inside is still good to go! I found this rectangle pillow at my Goodwill for only $2.99. And, it had a zipper closing so opening it up and taking the pillow form out was a breeze. A new pillow form of this size/shape would easily cost me $15+.

Step Three: Time to create the new pillowcase. Start by laying your pillow form on top of your linen and folding it over. You want the front and back of the pillow form covered and the fold to be along one of the long ends.

Step Four: What we’re going to do is sew two of the three open ends closed. On the fourth end that’s left open, you’ll fold the edges inward and sew. This will keep the fourth end open but with clean edges. Turn the pillowcase inside out. At this point, it’s going to look like a pillowcase for a bed pillow, with three closed edges (2 sewn and 1 folded) and one of the short ends open.

Step Five: Using black fabric paint and a small sponge brush, you’re going to paint two lines vertical across the short width of the pillow.

Step Six: Place the pillow form into the pillowcase using the open end.

Step Seven: Sew the black yarn tassels onto either end. I did 5 on each side. If you don’t know how to make yarn tassels, check out this post. On the open end of the pillow, you’re going to sew the edges together while you sew the tassels on, closing up the open edge.

And, your pillow is complete!

This pillow took about 1-2 hours to complete and saved me $50 in comparison to the Anthropologie one. I also got crafty recreating some other Anthropologie decor including their Paradiso Mirror, a Tassel Basket, and their Perth Basket in this week’s video, and you can see all those items recreated for much more affordable below.

Anthropologie Decor on a Budget


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