Best IKEA Storage Products Under $20

When most people think of IKEA they tend to think of their furniture, or maybe their cinnamon rolls. And while both of those may be worthwhile reasons to visit, what I really love IKEA for is their smaller, organization and storage items. They have a lot of stuff that’s just done in a very smart, versatile, and customizable way that I think makes it worth checking out. In this post I’m rounding up my favorites all under $20.

Rail Organizers

The rail organizers from IKEA are great for wall storage. I love that they are customizable to your needs with different hooks, baskets, and shelves.

  • Fintorp – Black metal look with white enamel basket additions
  • Kungsford – Stainless steel with some wooden accents. Also has shelf additions
  • Sunnersta – White plastic/metal, the cheapest option.

DRAGAN Countertop Organizer

Made of bamboo, this is a great bathroom organizer. It comes in the 3-set box with 1 large box and 2 smaller top units, and a 4-set box with two smaller boxes and 2 top units

KVISSLE Desk Organizer

The KVISSLE is a steel organization caddy with sectioned portions and an elastic band to hold odd and ends into place. I LOVE it for working from home because you can load it with your work stuff and take it wherever you’re working at the moment (sofa, dining room table, etc.)

VARIERA Kitchen Drawer Organizers

These VARIERA kitchen drawer organizers come in SO many different options, sizes, and shapes, you can really find a configuration that works for almost any drawer.

TISKEN Hook with Suction Cups

The TISKEN hooks are great for getting some additional hanging space in places with smooth surfaces that are hard to drill for holes like tile and glass. They are ideal for bathrooms. They also come in options beyond just hooks, you can get cups, soap dishes, towel rods, and more.


This little guy only costs $4 and is a great tool to have around for surfing the web, watching videos on your phone hands-free, or even having online calls. I love the bamboo look and how thin and small it is so it doesn’t take up a ton of space.


These pots are available in the plant section, but I find them great finds for organizing all sorts of stuff. The CITRONSYRA is an enameled steel and comes in two different sizes. The BINTJE are galvanized steel and only costs $0.49.

KUGGIS Storage Bins

The KUGGIS line is a big winner in my book. They come in a variety of sizes and even have different inserts for organizing. It’s a super nice quality plastic that feels hard and sturdy and they each come with a stackable top.

PUDDA Felt Bins

I don’t always love fabric storage bins, but I actually really enjoy the PUDDA baskets. They look really high end and are the right kind of floppy that they fit well into awkward spaces.


For only $1 this bag is a steal. They have so many uses from lugging around larger items, laundry, or even just to take shopping when you need something bigger than the normal-sized shopping bags.

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