Best Amazon Purchases of 2020 under $20

I don’t know about you guys, but the way I shopped Amazon changed A LOT in 2020. With the pandemic and quarantines, I’ve turned to Amazon for much more basic necessity items I’d usually buy when running errands. But, at the same time with the impact the pandemic has had on small businesses I’ve also shifted away from doing a lot of shopping for things like gifts, apparel, and home decor from Amazon and started shopping small/local for these things.

So, my list of best purchases in 2020, under $20, definitely feels more necessity based. It’s a lot of around-the-house and general household products. But, either way, these are the BEST things I got on Amazon under $20 in 2020.


Cast Iron Cleaner – If you’re a cast iron user, this product is a game-changer. It scours and scrubs clean cast iron without stripping away flavor or scratching your plan. It also works great on other things like Pyrex, waffle irons, cookie sheets, and more. So much easier, more effective, and more convenient than throw away pads.

Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner– This product seems kinda gimmicky, but it actually works really well and I use it every time I wash my microwave now. Prior to owning this, I used to use the water + vinegar in a bowl method to clean my microwave (place a bowl of water and vinegar in the microwave and run for 1-2 minutes to steam, then wipe clean.) But this little gadget makes that method SO MUCH more effective. The way the holes in the top are designed, it somehow provides a more effective steam and better softens any dirt/grime on the microwave. I literally just have to place this in the microwave filled with water/vinegar mixture, run it for a few minutes, and then everything wipes clean!

Bar Towels – Some of these products are SO random, but this pack of 12 bar towels are the best I’ve found for general cleaning around the house. I try to use towels to do my daily cleaning (unless in the bathroom) to decrease my waste of paper towels. These ones are durable, the perfect size, wash well, and are a great price point for 12.

Clorox Pens – This product honestly kinda blew my mind when I realized it existed. It’s just a little squeeze pen of bleach, although the bleach is slightly thickened, I’m not totally sure how that works, it’s like a gel/liquid consistency. Anyways, I keep them in my bathroom and they are THE BEST way to keep the grout in my bathroom tiles clean. We have white subway tile with white grout PLUS slightly hard water. And keeping them from turning that red/pink color from hard water was my arch-nemesis. I felt like I was scrubbing them constantly. Now when I do my once-a-week tub wipe, I just take this little bleach pen first and quickly hit any areas that are looking drab. I let it sit for 10 minutes or so then do my normal clean. THE MOST effective thing I’ve used hands down for keeping the grout clean. And on Amazon, I can buy 4 packs at a good price.


Soap and Glory Face Wash – I bought this face wash about 3 years ago in a travel-sized container when my husand and I went on a trip and we both fell in love with it. The problem was it was sometimes hard to find in store to repurchase. So, we started buying it on Amazon. It’s honestly just a really nice everyday face wash that both my husband and I have fallen in love with for using in the shower – and we both have very different wants from a face wash. I hate face washes that leave my skin feeling dried out, and he hates ones that don’t give a good “clean” feeling. This wash gives your face a very clean feeling, without making it feel dry or stripped of any oils NOR does it make it feel oily or like there is any residue leftover.

Sunglasses – I bought these sunglasses from Amazon on a whim because I just wanted an affordable pair to use when I was mommin’ it this summer. I usually am one of those people who really need to try on my sunglasses first. But, they are honestly so flattering on SO many different people. I own two pairs now just so I always have a pair when I need them.


Glass Screen Protector – These glass screen protectors come in sets of 3 for pretty much every phone out there and I find them to be the best screen protectors I’ve used. I find, in general, most screen protectors last 3-5 months for me. I’m sure for some people they can go longer, but I’m a busy mom and my phone gets bumps and dropped here and there. So, I really needed something I could easily switch out myself. I love that they come in packs of 3 at a super affordable price, so I keep extras around so when the one I have gets cracked or just worn out. The package comes with everything you need including a dust-free wipe and a little sticker to pull off any dust before you apply the new screen. And, applying these protectors is so simple, you literally just drop them and press.

Fairy Lights – I bought this little package of fairy lights (it’s actually a set of 2, so a total steal!) for a YouTube video and honestly find myself using them for SO MANY THINGS. They are super affordable, the battery lasts forever, and the string is over 30ft long so it’s a good amount of light. You can use them in home decor, add them to a plant, string them on a wreath for the holidays, wrap them around a mirror, honestly, I find so many ways to use them. I also use them ALL the time for Instagram photos are to use in the background of YouTube videos to add some light and bokeh effect.

Mom Stuff

Child-proof straps – For child-proofing, there are SO many very specific products. I really like these straps because they are very versatile. They worked on multiple pieces of furniture and cupboards and closets. So, instead of needing 100 different products, I could use this for a lot of things.

Amazon Essentials Footed PJs – I really liked these footie PJs. I found them to be more durable and longer-lasting that the more expensive Burt’s Bees we used prior. And, they come in lots of cute patterns and colors.

Solid Color Toddler PJs – Hands down my favorite toddler pjs. These are SO SOFT and I LOVE that they come in just solid colors.

Crayon Rocks– These crayon rocks are the perfect size for little toddler hands and I love that they don’t crack or break.

Play scarves – This seems like such a simple product, but my son plays with them ALL THE TIME. He uses them as blankets, for peek-a-boo, to throw, to stack, and so much more. It’s just a very open-ended product with A TON of uses and a must toddler toy.

Snack Cup – This snack cup is one I took too long to buy and now we use it multiple times a week. It’s great for snacks on the go because Miles can pull snacks out but the snacks don’t easily spill all over the ground. It also comes with a top, and can fold flat for storage.

Real Food For Pregnancy –  I highly suggest the book Real Food For Pregnancy. I certainly DO NOT follow it like gospel by any means, but I do feel like it gave me a better overall understanding of an optimal pregnancy diet. And while I still have chocolate chip cookies or ice cream sundaes, I believe that overall the book helps me make better daily choices for what to eat and more importantly better understand what I really needed to eat. And, while weight isn’t everything in pregnancy (some women just gain more or less) I have gained less weight at this point in my pregnancy that I had with my first.


Dog Nail Grinder – This is a far superior way to cut your dog’s nails, in my opinion. Our dog, Olive, seems to not dislike it like a regular nail clipper, and I like it because it gives a more smooth edge to her nail. It’s also nice that you can file just a little at a time so you don’t have to worry about hitting the nail quick.

Smudge-Free Markers – If you use a whiteboard, these are the best. They write on dry erase surfaces but don’t wipe away dry, you need to use water. So it’s great for whiteboard calendars, for example, you can add dates and important events for the month without worrying about them accidentally getting wiped away. Then when you are ready to remove them just use a damp towel.

Pom Pom Maker – If you’re a crafter, this set of pom pom makers is kind of a must. It’s less than $10 and makes quick, perfect pom poms EVERY TIME.

This is Fine Mug – This meme is like my spirt animal meme, and every morning when I drink out of this is just makes me smile.

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