Berry Cucumber Mojito

Berry Cucumber Mojito

Listen, there is nothing better to combat a Monday than a delicious cocktail…this is just a fact of life, at least in my life.  Today I have one of my favorite concoction to whip up, and that’s a variation on a mojito. When properly made, a good mojito is sour and sweet with the perfect hint of mint.  Add in some berries and you have the per-fect liquid to get you through any summer day whether you’re lounging by the pool, unwinding from a long day at work, or having a group of friends over. This cucumber berry mojito is sure to hit the spot.

Berry Cucumber Mojito

Berry Cucumber Mojito

Berry Cucumber Mojito


2 ounces of cucumber-infused rum learn how to make house-infused rum here
2 ounces sweetened lime juice (or 1 ounce lime juice and 1 ounce simple syrup)
Fresh Mint
Fresh Berries

Pour the lime juice, mint and berries into an empty glass. Muddle, muddle, muddle. You really want to release all the mint flavors and cucumber water.

Pour into a cocktail shaker. Add 2 ounces of cucumber-infused alcohol. Shake well.

Pour contents into a glass filled with ice, strain out some of the berries. Garnish with a mint sprig or cucumber wedge and some fresh mint.

Berry Cucumber Mojito

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