Bathroom Organization Tips

I’m sharing some of my favorite little tips and tricks and Dollar Tree products that I use to organize my master bathroom.

Check them all out in this video and see some more tips below.

Getting Rid of Old Toiletries

An important thing I do when organizing my bathroom is to decide what goes back. I don’t put something back simply because it was there before. I have 2 simple questions I ask myself when deciding if I’m going to keep a toiletry item

  1. Is it still good? Most medicines will have expiration dates but often lotion and makeup don’t. But, there are general guidelines. While it might not seem like old toiletries are all that bad, we’ve all used lotion well past it’s prime. It’s a good practice to not use things past their due time. Find the full list of when your toiletries expire here. 
  2. Have I used it in the last 4-6 months? If the answer is no, it should usually go, unless it’s something very specific such as a medication.

Everything Has a Place

I find cabinets and bathroom drawers become the catching ground of just all the random stuff that doesn’t have a home. And, if you watched my organization video using tips from professional organizers you’ll know a big tip I’m working on adopting is everything having a place. By being specific and deliberate with this is helps random stuff from just piling up. If it doesn’t belong it’s gotta go or find a spot it goes.  I label certain spots for certain things and STICK TO IT.

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