Back to School (Preschool Picks)

Miles started a new school this fall and so for basically the first time as a parent I’m doing back-to-school shopping. One of the biggest differences is I’ll be packing his lunches now. He’ll also be going 4 days a week (cue sappy crying). I thought I’d share some of the things I’m shopping for him (and some of our current, already loved, favorites) to help you save some time if you’re also shopping for a preschool back-to-schooler!


I figured we’d start with the thing I’ve been looking into the most since packing lunch will be our biggest change. We already own Bentgo 5-Compartment Kid’s Box, which we adore. But I plan to add their new 3-compartment stainless steel one to our collection, too. Then for snacks, I’ll use some stasher bags. I picked up the Bentgo ice packs for lunches that need to stay cold.

I also own these little dog/cat toothpicks I stick in Miles’ foods for like ham roll-ups or on raspberries, and it increases the likelihood he eats things, so I’ll definitely be using these, too. Lastly, I plan to grab this small set of silicone cups for helping with lunch packing.

As far as water bottles, we have the kid’s Yeti for Miles and it’s the best we’ve used. $25 a pop, but will last you forever so you won’t have to keep replacing it. Finley has one, too., but it is a tad heavy for her so I don’t typically use it for school. I’m still on the quest for the perfect water bottle for that 12-36 month age. I’ve tried A LOT (like a lot a lot). So far these Zak Tumblers are the best I’ve found (leak proof, lightweight for dropping, pretty durable, very easy to clean, and a soft silicone straw,


I’m currently deciding between the Bentgo backpack (because it has a handy compartment for our Bentgo lunch boxes), and this HawLander one. The HawLander one has great reviews, is a little more affordable, and is honestly just better looking IMO (not that it matters but doesn’t hurt if I gotta look at it every day). The Bentgo one, which we’ll probably end up with, is slightly more roomy width-wise and has a perfect 5-star review. I love that it’s compatible with the lunchboxes we’re getting. And, they are supporters of Feed the Children!

On the “bags” topic, I always have these wet/dry bags in stock at home. I send my kids’ changes of clothing to daycare in them, and then they can send any dirty/wet clothes home. I also keep one in my diaper bag for dirty clothes, and they are amazing for the beach/pool!

Name Labels

I always have a pack of name labels for each kid in our house. They are life-savers and time-savers. I’ve tried a few brands but usually tend to repurchase from Label Daddy for ease and use – they are dishwasher safe, washing machine safe, water-proof, and super durable.

Shoes n’ Stuff

I gotta shoutout our favorite toddler shoe so far, which are these slide on converse. Super easy for my 3-year-old to put on alone but stay on, too. Plus, they look super cool, he loves them. I am considering getting each kid a set of Keens for the fall this year, too. Haven’t tried them yet myself but supposed to be durable, comfortable, easy on/off, and long-lasting.

I’ve GOTTA link to my favorite zip-up toddler fleece I’ve found. It’s super cozy/warm, washes amazing, and a super good price. My kids get compliments every time they wear them, people always think they are way more expensive ones than they are. I honestly like them better than the Patagonia and North Face ones we’ve had for our kids in the past because they wear and wash better. Runs true to size, I sized my kids up last year so we can use them for this coming year, too. But I’ll probably buy them each a second one so we have two in rotation.

As far as the cold weather stuff, I’m not quite there yet. But I rounded up all my Winter Weather Gear Favorites last winter, so check that out for my favorite jackets/boots/etc.

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