Apple Cider Rum Smash


Oh sweet mother of apple spice goodness. I’m about to change your life, just hold on.

I’ve gone ahead and concocted the best damn fall cocktail you’ll ever had. Just trust. This Apple Cider Rum Smash is about to blow your gosh darn mind and leave you forever indebted to me for changing you life. I know this sounds extreme but it’s all the truth. So get out your grocery lists, cancel your plans for tonight, and listen carefully as I explain to you how to reach a place of complete appley-cider cocktail peace.


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Apple Cider Rum Smash


Apple Cider
Gold/Dark Rum
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Cinnamon sugar mix
Rosemary Sprigs


1. Take the glass you’re going to serve the drink in and dip it into a shallow bowl of cider. Take the moistened glass and dip into a mixture of cinnamon sugar.

2. Combine 4 parts apple cider with 1 part gold/dark rum and 1 part Captian Morgan in a cocktail shaker. Essentially you want about 4 shots of apple cider and 1 shot of each liquor so it’s 2 parts apple cider to 1 part booze.

3. Shake over ice. Pour contents into the rimmed glass.

4. Garnish with rosemary. (Kallie, do I reallllly need the rosemary? YES! Gosh, just…don’t question the magic. The rosemary acts as an aromatic and the scent of the rosemary with the tastes of the cocktail is crucial to the peace-achieving levels of this cocktail.)

5. Life. Changed.



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