A sneak peek at My Blog Corner


Hi all,

Considering I’ve had my little blogging corner for quite a few months, I figured it about time to give you a little peek!

I really wanted a little place where I could work, film, and have keep all my But First, Coffee related things.  The corner is in our guest bedroom (which moonlights as Michael’s office.) I wanted my workspace to be here so Michael and I could work together, and so my “blog” stuff could be out of the way most of the time.  Additionally, I store my makeup in this room, so it’s also doubles as my vanity. It’s like a office/filming studio/vanity/reading corner… because multi-tasking is important.


Being that it’s not a large room, I didn’t have room for a very big chair and found this lil’ guy at Walmart, surprisingly enough.  I looked at a lot of shops, but this one turned out to be the right size and style I wanted (without breaking the bank.) The footstool is from the Goodwill, and I have plans to reupholster it at some point.  My side table is from Marshall’s as is the throw rug.  The pillow is from Society 6. I decided to do a gallery wall since I thought it’d make a good backdrop for filming (plus, gallery walls make me smile.)

The basket on my footstool holds all sorts of things on any given day from items to review, things to photograph, and at the current moment, wedding inspiration. Southern Brides is probably my favorite wedding magazine so far in this wedding planning process.


The side tables has drawers to hide the mess of random products, filming supplies, and other odds and ends (and is also a catch-all for my ever growing nail polish collection #notsorry.)  On top I have a small desk organizer I use to hold my favorite palettes, along with a covered jar with some of my go-to face brushes.



As for the artwork, a lot of this work is stuff I sketched/created myself or picked up here and there. I also have a collection of “coffee” related goodies from family, friends, and readers, which totally makes my life. Each piece has a little story of where I got it or who gave it to me, and I love how everything doesn’t match but still works together somehow.


My most recent addition are these coffee Chemex prints from CJE by Design on Etsy. If you use the code BUTFIRSTCOFFEE10 you can get 10% any order from that Etsy shop!

Alright, this was just supposed to be a tiny little sneak peek at my blog corner/filming area so I’ll leave you here.  The other side of the room has a bookshelf that holds all my makeup, and if you’d like a makeup storage/organization post in the future, let me know.

What’s your favorite part about your work area?

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