How to Save Money on Groceries | Money Saving Hacks

8 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Ever walk out of the grocery store holding two plastic bags with 10 items in it wondering how on earth you just spent $100? Yea, me either. Oh wait…actually yes, more than I care to admit.

Groceries continually increase in price and unless you want to throw your money away on gimmicky add-ons or spend 1/2 your paycheck feeding your family of two, it’s smart to get proactive about cutting your grocery bill. In the past 4 months, I’ve been more conscientious about not overspending at the grocery store and this has taught me some great best practices to avoid overspending on food.

And, because I’m nice and I really like you a lot, I want to share the top 8 ways I save money every time I shop at the grocery store.

How to Save Money on Groceries | Money Saving Hacks

8 ways to save money when you're shopping for groceries. Share on X

Make a List Before You Go

One of the best ways to save money is to avoid over-buying. One of the best ways to avoid overbuying is to have a plan. Having a specific list to shop off will drastically improve how much you buy because you’ll only be shopping for what you need. Make this list when you’re at home so you can double check your fridge and pantry for foods you might already have.

Reconsider Pre-cut and Prepared Foods

Sure, prepared foods are convenient, but you’re paying for that convenience. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Are you willing to spend 10%+ more to have your watermelon already cut or garlic already diced?

Eat with the Seasons

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season are always more affordable. By planning your meals around foods that are in season, you can cut your produce bill. See a full list of which produce is in season when.

Look up and Down the Shelves

Stores tend to put the most expensive items right at eye level because they know that’s where people typically grab from when they are in a rush or not “shopping around.” By making sure you look both up and down you might find yourself more likely to snag better deals.

Buy Store Brand

Store brands are always more affordable. Unless you have strong brand loyalty for a specific product or that brand is running an amazing deal that week, grabbing store brands when you can will cut a good chunk off your final bill.
Buying store brands can save you 10-20% | 8 Ways to Share Money on Groceries. Share on X
How to Save Money on Groceries | Money Saving Hacks

Compare By Weight

When trying to decide what products are the best price, make sure you always compare the prices by weight and not by quantity. Sometimes there are two boxes but you don’t realize until you look closely that the two boxes aren’t the same weight. If one box is $3 but 48oz and the other is $3.50 but 60oz, the one that’s $3.50 is a better deal per ounce.

Eat a Snack Before

It’s inevitable if you go to the store hungry you’re bound to buy more. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry and you’ll save more by preventing buying extra snacks. Also, if you’re prone to buying lots of snacks sometimes just giving yourself a mental limit can help as well. Maybe tell yourself you can have one sweet treat and one snack, that way you can still splurge on a treat without going overboard.

Don’t Buy Toiletries

Toiletries are always more expensive at the grocery store. The store knows that it’s more convenient to grab soap when getting groceries as opposed to having to go to another store while you’re out running errands. But, this convenience will cost you 5-20% more.

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