8 Things I “Literally Can’t Even” Right Now


My shirt says it all.

Today’s post is all in good fun. I understand most of them may have you rolling your eyes saying “first world problems,” and I get it. But the point is for some good old fashion pointless ranting. Like when you’re girlfriend comes over and you drink cocktails and get a good rant session in. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, or wine depending on the time of day, kick up your feet, and settle in for some mindless ranting. And, go ahead and leave me some of your rants in comments. Ranting together is less sad.

Know it alls:

The other day Michael and I were talking about our “pet peeves” when it comes to types of people and I was like “the know-it-all!” Now, I don’t mean someone who shares advice or occasionally tries to one up someone else – we all are guilty of that on occasion, everyone likes to be right. I mean the people who are ALWAYS pushing their thoughts or opinions on you (when you didn’t even ask) and coming up with just bogus facts to push their claim. Like wth made you an expert in the entire world cause last time I checked you didn’t have a PhD0 in “Everything” and even if you did, I still don’t know if I’d believe you.

The cost of groceries

Do people still complain about this? Oh well, I am. It baffles me sometimes that I don’t even blink an eye at paying $90 at the cash register for 1 meal worth of stuff and a few scattered kitchen essentials. Prices just slowing increase until you’re paying $6 for a thing of butter and not thinking twice about it.

Nail polish that chips after 12 hours

Why tho, whyyy?! You had one job.

Newscasters & The Election

I’m literally so over it. I am so sick of hearing every newscaster and their mom weigh in on the most unimportant topics. Unless you’re planning to give me some actual real information about the elector’s stances or their plans if they are elected, please stop playing and over-analyzing the same pointless clip, drawing conclusions about it for me, then bringing in “experts” to talk about the clips.

Radio DJs

While we’re on the topic…radio DJ’s might as well be there too. If I wanted to listen to talk radio, I’d flip to NPR or News Radio. Just.Play.Music.

When you accidently bite the side of your mouth and then keep biting that same place.

Either I actually don’t know how to chew gum, or this happens to me way too much.

Mobile Pop-Up Ads

Want to know what never works on mobile devices? Pop-up ads. If I have to accidentally click one more ad for an app I’m never gunna buy, I might die.


And I’m talking about my own here. I am usually good at keeping my jealousy to a minimum. I’ve always been able to say “I’m happy for them,” or “I’m proud of them!” when someone succeeds, even if it means they are surpassing me in a way. It’s not the easiest frame of mind…jealousy is an easy emotion and always wants to take the main stage. However, I don’t believe one person’s success means my failure, and that’s always helped me. But, occasionally jealousy, that tricky lady, sneaks in and I battle with bouts of it. I’m literally like SO over it though. For reals.

People who drive 60mph in the left lane


Ok, I feel better, how about you. Go ahead and get something off your chest in the comments. I’d love to hear what you “can’t even” with right now.

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