8 Beauty Hacks (do they actually work?)

Today’s post is inspired by the pinterest machine! The other day I was browsing on pinterest and besides the fact that I somehow lost an hour of my life to the addictive website,I noticed a pin that said “beauty hacks every woman should know about.” I clicked through, because I had already lost one hour, what was one more? Some of the hacks were ones I’d seen on Pinterest before, some were more basic “duh” ones and some were new. While some seemed plausible others seemed a little more far fetched. So, I thought I’d round up 8 common beauty hacks I see on Pinterest and try them out to see if they work and then share my findings with you.

I show myself trying each hack in the video, but if you want, I have it all written out below as well!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuv8i0ZxPBk]

Beauty Hack one: Fix a broken powder with rubbing alcohol.
Starting with your broken powder it tells you to pour in enough rubbing alcohol to form the powder into a paste. Then, smooth it over the best you can. Set it aside and allow it to dry. This hack was a total success. I imagine with some powders it may slightly change the constancy but overall it worked like a charm.

Beauty Hack Two: Remove glitter nail polish painlessly.
It suggest applying a layer for Elmer’s glue on your nail before applying the glitter. It claims that when you’re ready to take it off, the polish will just peel right off. I was skeptical and anticipated that the glue would work but a little TOO well and the polish would just peel off while I was doing mundane everyday activities, but it actually held up quite well. Removing it wasn’t QUITE as easy as the hack promised, but it certainly was easier than it usually is to remove glitter from nails. Overall, a success.

Beauty Hack Three: Use a toothbrush and hairspray to tame flyways.
I have no shortage of those and got right to testing by spraying an unused toothbrush with hairspray and brushing away. The fine bristles of the brush was just right for getting the flyways under control, as evident from the before and after in the video, this was another beauty hack success.

Beauty Hack Four: Make a DIY stencil for your gel liner for a flawless wing every time.
I used a business card, drew out the wing shape, and cut it. Take the stencil with the eye closed, place it in the desired area of your eye. With the gel liner on an angled brush, fill in the area left open from the stencil and remove to see the shape. I did have to go in after wards and touch up the shape, but overall this was a nifty little trick, especially if you struggle to get your wings even. I’m going to have to dub it another success. We’re on a roll!

Beauty Hack Five: Add a coating of baby powder between mascara application for a more full lash.
Apply one coat of mascara and while it’s still wet take some baby powder on a q-tip and coat the lashes. Then, apply a second coat of mascara.  For comparison I did one eye with just mascara and no baby powder. Honestly, I saw no difference in the thickness or fullness of my lashes compared to the eye with baby powder and the eye without. It looks like we have our first beauty hack fail, this one didn’t do it for me.

Beauty Hack Six: Get beachy waves with a straightener.
They suggest twisting the hair and then running your flat iron over the twist. I did this and allowed the twists time to cool, hoping it’d help the wave set. Now, I have very thick hair and even though I went for smaller twists, this just made my hair look sad and frizzy. I think if you have fine hair, this might actually work, but for me, another beauty hack fail.

Beauty Hack Seven: Use a loose pigment and clear polish to create your own nail polish color.
I used a NYX loose powder scooped it into a clear polish.  Honesty, I was expecting this to be a big fail. I pictured a very matte and powdery polish that would just scrape right off, but this actually dried to a nice shiny finish and looked like a normal polish on my nails. I imagine different pigments would work differently, but for me this was a total success.

Beauty Hack Eight: Use two bobby pins to get a more peppy looking pony tail.
It says to take the bobby pins and stick them into the base of the pony tail giving it volume and making it look more perky. This hack works perfectly in the sense that it definitely amps up the pony tail, but after 15-25 minutes the bobby pins start to hurt because they are basically digging into the back of your head with the weight of your hair on them. Again, perhaps you won’t have this problem with finer hair, but my thick hair made this hack a little too uncomfortable for me. One final hack fail.

What are your favorite beauty hacks?


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