7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Remember the beginning days of blogging? Back when you just had to write a post containing 5 things you did that weekend or filled out a survey? Boy, those were the days weren’t they?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the evolving world of blogging. I love the challenge of it. I enjoy knowing about SEO and online media tactics and the fact that this “job” requires that I’m constantly (constantly) learning. But, there’s something great about those beginning days before blogging was a business.

So, I’m going to throw it back to those good old days with an old school style post and share 7 things you might not know about me.

I’m a habit eater

This means I can eat the same breakfast every morning for weeks and weeks. Same for lunch or dinner. If I lived alone I’d probably eat the same dinner every night and it’d probably be avocado toast.

I always write my posts in HTML.

Listen, I’m no coder, but I understand HTML well enough. I think I prefer HTML because the editor will sometimes do things for you that you don’t want. It’ll make a whole paragraph an h2 when you only wanted one line or add breaks where you didn’t want them. So, guess I just trust HTML better. Nothing peeves me more than going back into old posts before I wrote this way and seeing that the editor added all these unnecessary div tags. #bloggerproblems

I’m very specific about my sleep.

My dad used to joke, “Eugenides are serious about sleep.” Eugenides being my maiden name and this being the first time I ever told you that on my blog. I used to be very secretive about my real name in the blogging world. Then I realized that if an online creep wanted to figure out who you were, they could do it so what was the point? Anyways, the point is, my family loves to sleep and we’re very specific about.

For me, that starts with the amount of sleep I need. Most weeks I can run on 6 good hours of sleep every night. I can do that for weeks and weeks. But, then a week hits where I literally just can’t get enough sleep no matter what I do. I’m talking going to bed at 9:30 and hitting the snooze a billion times.

Next, has to do with BEING asleep. Once I’m asleep there is literally no waking me. The house could be on fire and a rock and roll concert could be playing on the front lawn. When I’m asleep, I’m asleep.

I was a vegetarian for about 12 years

People always ask me why I decided to be a vegetarian and the truth is, I was in 8th grade…. so why does anyone do anything in 8th grade?

I think it sprouted from watching live lobsters go into a pot of boiling water and I was just like….”nope.” I never was a big meat-eater to begin with so it really wasn’t that hard for me to give it up. The next question everyone asks is “why did you stop?” Truthfully, there are two answers: 1. Bacon. 2. Chicken nuggets.

I still don’t eat beef or very much pork. Often there are many days in a row where I don’t eat meat at all. But, the days of being 100% vegetarian are behind me. While you can definitely be a vegetarian and eat crap, the practice overall taught me a lot of healthy-eating tips and allows me to now eat a much more plant-based diet.

I’m tall

People always seem to be surprised when they meet me in real life because I’m 5’9″. It’s no NBA player, but in Connecticut, that makes you a tall lady. I like being tall, besides the fact that it makes finding appropriate lengthed dresses harder.

I almost never wear heels because I’m usually already the tallest one there (unless you count a mini 1″ wedge as a heel.) I didn’t even wear heels on my wedding day. While sometimes I feel my closet is missing out in the world of amazing shoes, I’m honestly secretly happy because it’s a whole shoe category I don’t have to bother filling in my wardrobe. I know, am I even a girl?

When I DO have to wear heels, for whatever occasion, I almost always try to pack a pair of flats for later in the night so I can slip out of the heels and into something comfy. That’s why I LOVE these foldable ballet flats, Talaria Flats!

Talaria flats fold up perfectly into a little pouch so I can slip them right into my purse. I wish I had discovered something this genius a while ago. Because they are foldable, they are the ideal travel flats or would be even more perfect bridesmaid flats if you needed a good bridesmaid gift (they even have a bridesmaid pack if you’re buying for a group of girls.) They come in a variety of colors to match your event from classic black to champagne (that’s what I picked!) to bridal white!

Either way, these flats are a must-have addition to your wardrobe for weddings, nights out, or any special event. And even better, they are a great price at only $38! Only $25 each if you get the bridesmaid pack! I mean come on, that’s a good deal in the world of shoes, especially for something well-made and high quality. Oh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this but they are comfortable. They feel like putting on a pair of slippers at the end of the night…who doesn’t want that?

I started drinking coffee when I was 21

I get the “when did you start drinking coffee” question a lot. I grew up in a coffee-addicted family but didn’t start drinking it consistently myself until I was 21 (unless you count when I used to mix my hot chocolate in coffee when I was in high school which literally makes me gag now to think about it.)

I started drinking coffee very occasionally when I was 20, and by 21 I was drinking it mostly every day. I gave up milk and sugar in it pretty quickly, too.  That’s the second most common question I get: “how did you start drinking it black?” I think like most people I started drinking coffee with milk and sugar. Most of the places I’d go would make the coffee way too milky, so I started weaning that out first by asking for less than less until I realized I didn’t really even need it. Then, I just started doing the same with the sugar. I was drinking it black within a year or so.

I took a year off from college

Between my Sophmore and Junior year in college, I took the year off. I wanted to transfer school/majors but still wasn’t entirely sure where. Instead of wasting my money going to the wrong college, I took a year off and it was a great decision.

I worked two jobs and Michael and I made the move to Bar Harbor, ME where we lived for 4 years and I finished school. A little bit more about that move here.

I think society right now puts so much pressure on young people to go to college right away, and a lot of them don’t know what they want to do with their life yet…let alone choose a major. I think taking a year or two to work in the “real world” is a wonderful idea for a lot of recent high school students. It allows you to try out different industries and trades, and see what type of work you really like. In high school, your life is broken up into “subjects” which isn’t the way real life is. Getting a chance to join the workforce gives you that experience you need to make a more informed decision. Not to mention, I think it could show young adults what the career world is really like and help them to strive even harder once they are in college.

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