7 Period Truths Every Woman Can Relate To

Seven Period Truths Every Woman Can Relate To

OH snap, shit’s about to get real TMI up in here. If you’re one of my few male readers, you may want to just avert your eyes…we will see you tomorrow.

Every woman knows the pains of “that time of the month” and here’s 7 truths you can all relate to.

1. You’re suddenly very aware of every bathroom in every location you go. You survey every new spot like a prairie dog scouting for danger.


2. You’ve become like double agent when it comes to sneaking feminine products into the bathroom undetected. If you’ve never slid a tampon up your shirt sleeve on your way to the restroom you’re liar.


3. Getting dressed becomes a new challenge. Forget anything white, tight, or that could possibly show how damn bloated you feel.


4. You’re constantly crunching numbers in your head on when the last time you changed your tampon was and how long you have before a possible “most embarrassing story ever” moment. You’re adding up how many tampons you put into your purse, is it enough? Do you have extras in your “emergency” location?


5. You’ve become very aware of how mad your uterus is at your for not excepting the gift of eggs from your ovaries. WHY YOU SO MAD YOU CRAZY BITCH?! They gunna come again next month, too – like a damn Birchbox subscription.


6. As much as you may want to pretend you’re not – you’re totally and completely emotionally unstable. You cried at a Cheerios commercial (again).


7. When you know your period is coming you start stocking up in preparation like an animal during fall. You are making sure you have your proper toiletries, Advil, Midol, carbs and all the ice cream that was available.

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