7 Organization Mistakes You Probably Are Making

Let’s start with an honest confession: even as someone who preaches the gospel of organization online, I’ve had my fair share of slip-ups.  The blunders, oh, the blunders! Here’s the thing when it comes to organization, no one gets it perfect right away. I’ve made my fair share of organizing mistakes (and still do all the time.) But, as you guys know I preach, it’s never about perfection. Just working on doing a little better each day. So I thought I’d share some of my organization mishaps that I’ve definitely made, to hopefully help you avoid them!

Mistake #1: The Great Procrastination Saga

Ah, decluttering, the mythical beast we all aim to conquer. Kinda feels like that sometimes, am I right? This sort of legendary event we think is going to be conquered and change our life?

But wait! The mistake here isn’t just that you’re hoarding stuff; it’s delaying the decluttering quest all together. Waiting for that mystical day when time stretches endlessly and motivation rains from the heavens. Newsflash: that never happens. If you’re waiting for the motivation to declutter…it probably ain’t coming.

In reality, decluttering doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. It’s a snippet-by-snippet journey. The fix to this mistake is to embrace the mini-declutters. Work onf decluttering one small thing every day (like a single drawer, one shelf of the dresser, etc.) Tiny tweaks every day work wonders.

Mistake #2: Trying to declutter an entire space at once

Picture this: a free Saturday, an entire room you really want to organize, and your enthusiasm riding high. Except, it probably doesn’t go like that. More likely you look at that space, feel overwhelmed, and say “mmm…maybe next week.” That’s because trying to conquer an entire dread spot (that’s what I call those spots that have become so disorganized you don’t know where to start) in one day is not the way to do it.

Break it down, friends! Lists are your besties here. Chop the colossal task into bite-sized chunks. Then, schedule those chunks out, conquering one a day (or week). Suddenly, that daunting room doesn’t seem so ominous!

Mistake #3: The Pinterest-Perfect Mirage

Pinterest, the beacon of perfection! But hold on, don’t let those pristine images fool you. The key to REAL home organization isn’t perfection; it’s functionality. Real life isn’t always Pinterest-perfect (I say this as I type this to you with some of yesterday’s peanut butter smeared on my shoulder).  If something is pretty, that’s nice. But if it’s not functional, you’ll never stick with it. So always focus on embracing the functionality of your organization first, even if it’s not Instagram-worthy.

Mistake #4: The Art of Pile Creation

I’m very guilt of being a pile maker. But, vertical messes don’t equal organization. Yes, they might buy you a temporary sigh of relief, but they’re not the solution. Everything needs a home, and a pile is not it! As a chronic pile maker my best tip is to have a 2x a week “pile time.” I set a 10 or 15 minute alarm and just focus on any piles I’ve made

Pro tip: address the piles before they start a rebellion.

Mistake #5: Store items WHERE you use them

Sometimes we think to store things where they “make sense.” But, also think about storing things where they are used. For example, my daughter has a little organizer bag with all her hair stuff. Logically that makes sene to store in a bathroom or her bedroom. But, I do her hair every morning when she eats breakfast – so I actually store it in the kitchen. Hair supplies and kitchen don’t exactly make sense, but it does for us. It’s right where I need it when I need it, and 100x easier to put right back where it goes. So always think about trying to store things as close to where they are used.

Mistake #6: The Myth of Eternal Organization

Brace yourself for the reality check: maintenance is the secret sauce. Organized spaces don’t stay pristine on their own. I think we like to think we can organize once and be done, but I hate to break it to you that they require ongoing TLC. If you’re home gets disorganized is doesn’t mean you’re disorganized, it’s just a sign that that space needs some TLC. All organization systems need maintenance.

Mistake 7: Forgetting You’re a Unique Organizational Snowflake

Organizing isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. What works for your minimalist friend (who somehow survives with three shirts and a spoon) might not suit your bustling, gadget-filled life. Need to see everything at a glance? Go for open shelving and say goodbye to cabinet hide-and-seek. Live in a whirlwind of daily activity? Set up a ‘chaos corner’ for everyone’s stuff. The bottom line: march to the beat of your own organizational drum. If it feels right for you, it’s probably the perfect system!

In conclusion, friends, let’s celebrate imperfection! Remember, we’re all a work in progress. Organization isn’t something we perfect overnight (or maybe perfect ever.) It’s just about little daily maintenance we can work on every day to try to keep our spaces easier to maintain.

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